Learning Management System

Learning Management System (LMS): An Epitome of Modern Education

If you are someone who trains employees of several organizations, then you may have come across the term ‘learning management system’ at some point in your career. Also called LMS, it is a type of software that is specifically designed to control all the aspects of the entire training process. Features of the software vary from one platform to the other. Some are inclusive with everything from course authoring to HR-related features. However, some others are simple and they provide access to pre-made organizational features and course catalogue.

No matter how small or large your organization is, chances are, you would benefit from using an LMS software. Capterra, a renowned provider of software solutions, states that around 87% of users depend on some or the other forms of cloud-based LMS. According to a published report by Fortune Business Insights, the global learning management system market is projected to reach USD 29,742.0 Million by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 19.1% during the forecast periods.

Increasing development in ICT and computer have greatly influenced the human population and it has also made the communication process comfortable and efficient. The Internet plays a very significant role in the ability to assist in sharing, collaborating, and creating information. Nowadays, trainers are using technologically enhanced tools to offer learning facilities through numerous approaches. It is eventually filling the wide gap between real-time practical application and the traditional way of providing knowledge. Since the past few decades, there has been an astonishing growth in the adoption of advanced technology in primary as well as higher education. This article provides in-depth information regarding the key developments that have recently occurred in the learning management system industry.

Absorb Software Acquires eLogic to Serve the Consumers Across Multiple Industries

Absorb Software, Inc. a provider of smart software solutions, headquartered in Canada, declared that it has successfully acquired eLogic Learning LLC, a provider of LMS software, based in the U.S. in August 2019. Absorb currently possesses around 225 employees across eight offices and it serves over 1,000 customers. This acquisition would provide Absorb with a major leap towards growth. It further aids in expanding the global client base of eLogic. Absorb will be able to use this client base to propel its leadership in the international LMS industry and it will also be capable of boosting its ability to serve the customers belonging to multiple industries.

Additionally, eLogic will be able to gain access to deepen its vertical industry expertise and world-class talent in fast-casual dining, healthcare, and retail. eLogic delivers reliable and fast course performance internationally. The acquisition took place right at that moment when the field of corporate learning is booming. eLogic and Absorb are experts in creating mobile-centric, innovative learning experiences. Together, their skills will offer a modern platform that would be engaging, flexible, and meet the requirements of employees in several enterprises around the world.

D2L Unveils the Latest Version of Brightspace Learning Platform Named Indigo

D2L, a global cloud software company, based in Canada, launched ‘Indigo,’ the newest version of its Brightspace learning platform in May 2019. It allows the employees to control their learning paths in a competitive economy. Through Indigo, the employees will remain motivated by propelling their learning experiences. It’s hassle-free for them to self-enroll, discover, and search the courses that interest them through the ‘discover’ tool.

Blackboard, Inc. Unveils New Features and Improvements for its Ultra Experience Platform

Blackboard, Inc., an educational technology company, based in the U.S., introduced new features and enhancements for Blackboard Learn with the Ultra experience in November 2018. The company’s cloud-based and feature-rich LMS is exhibiting robust momentum due to a rapid shift of various institutions towards Learn Ultra. Learn Ultra offers an intuitive, proactive, and personalized user interface. The platform is aiding administrators, instructors, and learners in achieving better results through its advanced user experience. Below are two of the new features that are added in the Ultra experience:

  • Mobile apps: One of the most important components of Ultra experience is the Blackboard Instructor and Blackboard mobile apps. Both the apps support Apple File integration. It enables the instructors and the students to access their cloud through Apple Files while attaching documents or media to assignments.
  • Discussion analysis: Often, instructors face the challenge of evaluating and grading discussion forums. It is time consuming. However, the recent advancements in grading those discussion forums help the instructors in examining the engagement and complexity of each student. The latest feature of discussion analysis showcases key metrics, namely, average word count, total replies, critical thinking, total responses, and sentence complexity for each student.


The learning management system will be optimized in the future across all devices. As more and more people are beginning to use electronic devices and smartphones to access educational platforms and tools, LMS will be optimized soon in the near future for easy viewing.

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