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Here Are Top 5 Tech Myths Debunked

We believe you must have heard of the myth that if you were to leave your phone to charge overnight, you’d destroy its battery life. This is one of the most infamous tech myths that we will be debunking later on.

Let’s face it. There are myths in every industry type, and in our day-to-day lives as well. Some of them might actually have some amount of truth in them, but they’re called myths for a reason. In other words, most of the time, they have little to no truth to them.

There are a lot of myths related to tech, and every new technology introduced, begets more false beliefs. As a matter of fact, it’s not that hard to discredit them. However, some require some amount of understanding in order to be debunked.

You can always search online via a reliable internet connection such as Mediacom Internet to know which myths are true or false. That said, the internet has one too many sources for you to read, which may further overwhelm and cause more confusion.

Smart technology itself has a lot of myths that many believe when in reality, they don’t even make that much sense. It is highly possible that you may worry about something that isn’t even true in the first place, or it once used to be true but isn’t so anymore.

In this article, we have decided to share some of the most popular myths revolving around technology, so that you no longer have to believe false news.

Incognito Mode Is Completely Private

Perhaps you feel safer from being spied on while using an incognito browser? Incognito Browser is also often referred to as privacy mode. There’s no doubt that browsing in privacy mode helps, but it, however, does not offer 100% anonymity and privacy.

This mode erases all cookies and tracking data once you close the browser. That said, it does not stop websites and your internet service provider from knowing which websites you have been visiting.

For instance, every browser has its own unique fingerprint which has nothing to do with the cookies or files placed by the website. In fact, this fingerprint reveals the DNA of the browser itself. So, much to your dismay, sites can, and in fact, do use this fingerprint.

Moreover, even a VPN connection can’t make all of it on an incognito tab. So, what’s the solution here? Well, you should consider switching to a more security-centered browser, which has a system that simply bounces all your connections while you surf.

Some of these browsers even inject false information to hide your online footprint.

You Won’t Be Targeted for a Cyber Crime

If you’ve got nothing to hide, or aren’t an influential person, why would anyone even want to hack your information? Hang on, don’t we all have at least one thing to hide?

Private personal information (PPI), is usually the most common type of data used during cybercrime. In fact, this has the potential of running your life. For instance, if you had put your Social Security number on any government site, it may be stored there.

Similarly, your credit card number is linked to all kinds of online shopping websites. Although it may seem safe at first, this type of personal information is always going public because of the frequent and massive data breaches.

You might feel like a small potato, but that in no way means that your PPI can’t be sold, resold, or found by hackers. Furthermore, a good amount of tools doing this are generated through artificial intelligence (AI).

In other words, they’ll use what they need and sell it to the highest bidders, and keep on doing so. Therefore, it’s vital that you use different passwords for every online service you use, especially your online banking and social media accounts.

Charging Your Smartphone Overnight Destroys Its Battery

There’s a reason why smartphones are considered ‘smart’. Smartphones are smart enough to have extra protection. Basically, its battery is made of lithium-ion, so when it hits 100%, it simply stops charging.

In other words, it will never be overloaded. Phones that did catch fire were usually because of faulty batteries. However, you should never place your phone under the pillow. It can easily get hot and burn itself or even you.

It’s necessary for phones to dissipate heat, and this is yet another thing that hurts its batteries. Similar to how you would never sleep on your laptop, you should do the same with your smartphone.

There’s a possibility that if you do leave your smartphone to charge overnight, it’ll lose some juice, but that shouldn’t bother you, as it’ll be barely noticeable.

Smart Home Tech Is Too complicated to install

Well, it’s exactly the opposite.

If you want a versatile smart home technology device, then it’s usually one that allows you to use a single device for multiple applications. If you have a well-connected relay, you can familiarize yourself with a single product or more than one product, and take advantage of the convenience each of them offers.

Today you can easily find DIY smart devices. In other words, all you’ll need to do is read their manuals on how to install them, and simply connect them to a high-speed internet, such as Mediacom Internet 200, and start using them.

Smart tech is there to make your life easier, and allow you to spend time on things that are more important. For instance, you can access your front door with a smart door lock from anywhere in the world, and even get a notification if something seems amiss.

Smart Tech Is Only for High-End Households

On the contrary, smart home technology is not exclusive to high-end households. In fact, it’s very much affordable for any budget. Smart home tech aims to add more functions, forms, and conveniences to the one place where you spend most of your time – your home.

In reality, smart home technology is something that anyone and everyone can access, and most people can afford it. You should consider staying with a single smart device, like a smart plug or smart light, and then see how it changes your day-to-day life.

These two devices are the best device to kick-start your smart home journey. Once you familiarize yourself with it, you’ll probably end up investing in more advanced smart home products, because one is never enough.

Smart tech is for every household, no matter how big or small. If you have a budget to begin with, all you need to do is research on which device falls into your budget, and you’ll be surprised to find one too many.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned earlier, there are myths to everything, and when it comes to technology, you’ll come across many. That is why it’s essential that you know which myths are actually just myths, while others might have some truth to them.

We hope we’ve debunked some myths for you so that you now have a better understanding of the kind of tech you’re using.

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