How to See Who Saved Instagram Post

How to See Who Saved Instagram Post

When Instagram was first invented, Instagram followers and Instagram like was not a thing. But now there are Instagram likes and Instagram follower, Instagram like and Instagram likes, Instagram followers and Instagram like. Unfortunately Instagram does not do a good job at allowing you to figure out who saved your Instagram post. That’s why we made this article explaining how to see who saved Instagram post on android using Insta Save for Instagram. Instagram Save has been the most popular app for saving photos on Instagram since 2016 with over 200k downloads. You can easily download it from Google play store:  Insta save for Instagram.

How to see who saved Instagram post:

One of Instagram most useful features is the ability to save posts for later viewing. With this feature, you can bookmark a post in your feed so that when you are too busy or do not have access to the internet, you will still able to see it. This also comes in handy if you are interested in saving posts without sharing them with others since there are actually people who would like to keep certain moments private.

The good thing about instagram save post is that no matter how many times somebody has shared it; you can still view it at any time even after they have deleted it from their feed. Also, instagram allow users to check the list of ones who saved instagram post by typing ‘most liked instagram post’ on instagram search.

Here are the instagram save post feature:

  • Add a photo or video from your camera roll to instagram feed.
  • Share a photo or video from instagram feed on other social media site like Facebook, Tumbler, and Flickr etc.
  • Tag friends in instagram posts that you create by sending their username via message.
  • Follow a friend in instagram through sending them a request and they will receive it as a notification.

When you type ‘most liked instagram post’ on instagram search bar, it shows list of most liked photos/videos for current year and previous one also. It provides link to see un followers too which comes very helpful if someone block you there because all those instagram un followers list will be shown in instagram search.

Find instagram unfollowers via instagram search are easy by typing ‘unfollowers instagram’ on instagram search. It shows you the link where all instagram unfollowers list for current year and previous one can be seen easily. You can even see who disable or blocked you, most liked photos/videos of current year and more which makes it very easy to find instagram unfollowers with this feature of Instagram like most likes post.

According to instagram search, most liked instagram post are the most liked photos or videos posted last year or in past years too. By following this path, Instalike also provides users with quantity of likes instagram photos and instagram videos with most likes.

Instalike is a website which provides instagram most liked, instagram photo likes and instagram video views service in cheapest price. It also provides instagram unfollowers list, instagram followers list with most post likes, most post comments etc. All these features are available on one page therefore no need to look out for different pages to find what you want.

To find out which Instagram users saved your Instagram post you need to do the following:

  1. Open Instagram save app on your android phone and go to Insta save for Instagram Insta save Instagram instapics instatags instagood instachats instacomment instar post instalike save it follow me bookmark .
  2. Once there, click search and write down the name of a person who saved your photo. After a few seconds a list of users that have saved that sir will show up.

You can also find out quickly who sced your story by going to the main screen called “saved” and scroll down until you find it. In this case, do not forget to click the Instagram user that saved your Instagram story.


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