Top Benefits For Owning Apple AirPods

Top Benefits For Owning Apple AirPods

Apple will always surprise us. The apple brand has just released its new jewel. The Apple AirPods, the new wireless and rechargeable headphones; a revolution from the technological point of view. For this reason, we have decided to investigate a little about this innovative product.

As well as the new apple wireless headphones offer a very interesting quality-price ratio, surpassing the best model in certain aspects. The second generation is now the affordable model.

In the first place, Apple delayed its launch, which was scheduled for September, but due to high demand, the company delayed its release to the market but they are already available.

It is probably the fastest growing Apple product after the iPhone. We are talking about AirPods. It is another of those cases in which the apple did not arrive first but quickly unofficially took the lead in a market in which clones and imitators continue to emerge trying to scratch something thanks to them. Also there many countries of websites which offers you these types of products, but its’ recommended you should buy apple airpod online in UAE.

The Positive Points Of This Product


Just put the AirPods in your ears and enjoy the music. They automatically connect via Bluetooth to all Apple devices: iPhone, Apple AirPod, Apple Watch, iPod… Using them is very easy because they detect when you’re wearing them and connect and stop playback when you take them off.

Its design:

Its rod is a little thicker and longer than usual to accommodate the electronic components that are inside, but it is very discreet. Regarding ergonomics, they are the same as Earpods (Apple’s traditional headphones) but without cables and this give them a futuristic look.

New Micro-Chip

Apple created a new style of micro-chip called W1 with which they ensure that their hearing aids have a greater range of Bluetooth range. Thanks to the implementation of the chip, it is possible to attach and change the linkage to various devices. All this while consuming less energy and maintaining high sound quality.

Optimized Sensors

Apple earpods and airpod have many internal optical sensors that are responsible for improving the performance of the headphones. Thanks to this the device can detect when you stop using it. Also, the microphone with accelerometer detects when you are speaking and filters out background noise so you have better audio clarity.

Little Noise Reduction

Airpods offer open sound with plenty of power and audio clarity, but lack the acoustic seal system of in-ear headphones. This feature is an advantage for daily routine, since its poor isolation from outside noise allows you to be aware of your surroundings.

The battery:

As they are wireless, these headphones work thanks to a battery. This battery not only allows you to recharge the AirPods, but also to store them, that is, its box is at the same time its charger. 

They have 5 hours of autonomy with a charge and this is done very quickly: 15 minutes of charge give for 3 hours. The small box-charger has 24-hour autonomy and can recharge your headphones several times in the same day. The case does not get in the way, since its size is like that of a box of dental floss.

The sound:

The sound quality is admirable thanks to the AAC sound (from English: Advanced Audio Coding) and the double microphone with beamforming technology, which allows background noise to be filtered. The special features: Apple’s W1 chip manages all of the headset’s electronics wirelessly.

The Siri program is built into the AirPods and thanks to it you can access all the typical controls of classic headphones: music selection, increase or decrease volume, play and pause… You just have to double-tap any of the headphones to activate Siri.

Tips To Verify Your Purchase: How To Know If Some Apple Airpods Are Original?

When buying online or in unofficial stores, it is common to expose yourself to low-quality replicas. Therefore, it is important to make sure to verify a series of elements that only Apple airpod pro have. So that you are not a victim of fraudulent purchases, we will indicate the main characteristics of original apple airpods pro.

  • All original Apple product boxes are covered in plastic. You must check that the plastic of your box has a completely smooth packaging, without any wrinkles in the corners. It must also not show signs of having been opened or repackaged.
  • Check the labels that indicate the specifications of the hearing aid and commercially identify the product, they are usually located on one of the sides of the box. The replicas usually do not have blank spaces and have a seal written in Chinese.
  • Go to the Apple website and check the serial number of your airpods. You can find the code on the inside of the case. If when entering the code it is not recognized by the Apple platform, it means that your product is not original.
  • Examine the quality of your hearing aids, the main thing is that they have a resistant and robust material. In addition, the sound quality must be superior to equipment of little recognized brands.

For Athletes It Is A Revolution

They can leave their phone in their backpack in the locker room at the gym and enjoy their music, since the AirPods have a connection distance of 15 to 20 meters. For those of you who are wondering, the headphones do not fall out.

AirPods are a revolutionary and very practical Apple product. However, they still have several defects that will probably be improved and even eliminated in the second version that is manufactured of them. 

They are available for sale on the Apple website, but also in some apple stores and distributors such as: Jumbo, they offer their best airpods price in UAE. If you don’t feel like trying latest airpods 3rd generation without depleting your savings, you can go to one of the financial companies that they offer.

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