About Computer Renaissance Franchise

About Computer Renaissance Franchise

Whether you need a complete computer repair or a simple repair, Computer Renaissance can assist you. No matter if you need your hard drive replaced or if your power supply needs to be replaced, Computer Renaissance has the expertise to handle all your needs. Computer Renaissance has the tools and the expertise to provide you with a full range of services, from in-shop service to service at your home or business.
  Would you like to bring your computer into the new millennium with the latest technology? It is our pleasure to be able to assist you at Computer Renaissance! The Computer Renaissance offers a wide range of upgrade products for video cards, hard drives, memory, and other components at an affordable price, including name-brand components. It has never been easier to upgrade your computer than it is now!

We were founded in 1988 with the goal of buying and selling used PC products to business clients around the world. Today, Computer Renaissance thrives in a technology-driven society with three distinct offerings: new and refurbished computer products, component parts for the do-it-yourself customer, and in-store & on-site repair services. As the business model has evolved, we have become a service-based company that offers a full range of computer solutions to small businesses and consumers as well. As well as offering custom-built computers with the highest quality components, Computer Renaissance also offers a range of online services. Currently, there are almost 100 Computer Renaissance stores both in the United States as well as overseas.

Please note that this website does not constitute a franchise offering or a solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. It is important to note that we can only make a franchise offer in a state if we are first registered, excluded, exempted, or otherwise qualified to offer franchises in that state, and only if we provide you with an appropriate franchise disclosure document before we make the offering.

Franchise opportunities available

Computer Renaissance certainly does not accept new franchisees on Franchising.com at the moment, but there are other franchises that are actively seeking new franchisees that are similar to Computer Renaissance.

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