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Capturing Everlasting Moments with Andrea Sampoli: Your Ideal Wedding Photographer in Tuscany

Your wedding day is a tapestry of precious moments, a story told in photographs that will live on for generations. Andrea Sampoli, a passionate Italian wedding photographer based in Siena, Tuscany, understands the gravity of his role in immortalizing the most important day of your life.

Commitment to Excellence:

In the realm of wedding photography, Andrea Sampoli stands out for his unwavering commitment and sense of responsibility. With a keen eye for detail, he approaches his work with a photojournalistic perspective, ensuring that every emotion, every nuance is captured authentically.

From Photojournalism to Creative Portraits:

Over time, Andrea has evolved into not just a wedding photojournalist but also a creative portrait photographer. His work extends beyond the ordinary, crafting unique visual narratives that reflect the essence of your special day. His ability to play with light and shadow, especially in challenging conditions, adds a distinct flair to his photography.

Technical Expertise:

Navigating through strong light conditions, particularly during the intense summer days, Andrea thrives. He transforms contrasting lights and shadows into a canvas of artistry, guiding couples to create images that are both original and breathtaking.

A Dream Realized:

For Andrea Sampoli, being a wedding photographer in Italy is not just a profession—it’s a dream fulfilled. The decision to focus on capturing the magic of weddings and engagements was a conscious one, driven by a deep passion for the craft.

Engagement Photography as a Prelude:

As an integral part of his services, Andrea often engages in pre-wedding photography sessions. These sessions serve as a canvas for experimentation, where he explores new concepts in couple photography, creating a unique and personal experience for each client.

Beyond Photography:

For those desiring a visual chronicle of their wedding day, Andrea Sampoli offers videography services as well. Collaborating with a skilled video team, the studio produces awe-inspiring works, including the use of drones for those breathtaking aerial shots.

The Enchantment of Tuscany:

Based in Siena, Tuscany, Andrea considers himself fortunate to operate in a region that exudes magic and beauty—a perfect backdrop for weddings and engagement photography. The picturesque landscapes and romantic ambiance further enhance the charm of his work.

A Glimpse into Andrea’s World:

Beyond the lens, Andrea’s interests encompass reading, traveling, and cooking. Just as the kitchen provides him moments of relaxation and satisfaction, photography is a constant source of experimentation and joy.

Plan Your Dream Wedding:

If you are planning your wedding in Tuscany or anywhere in Italy, consider reaching out to Andrea Sampoli. Connect with him to share your story and discover the myriad possibilities offered in terms of wedding packages. Andrea Sampoli, your trusted guide in transforming your wedding day into a timeless masterpiece.


In the hands of Andrea Sampoli, your wedding day becomes more than just a collection of photographs; it becomes a visual symphony, an everlasting testament to love, commitment, and the magic of the moment.

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