Simon Guobadia's Net Worth

Simon Guobadia’s Net Worth Biography and Many More

Simon Guobadia’s Net Worth

$40 million

Simon Guobadia is a Nigerian-American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and executive producer. Simon Guobadia’s Net Worth is $40 million. His numerous accomplishments and endeavors contributed to his financial success. Guobadia’s real estate, petroleum distribution, and other businesses have helped him build wealth.

As an entertainment executive producer, Simon Guobadia has shown his ingenuity and increased his riches. His production efforts have shown his business ability and financial success.

Simon Guobadia is known for his philanthropy. His sponsorship of charities and communities shows a willingness to do more than generate money. He supports humanitarian causes including the Simon Guobadia Foundation, which promotes education and healthcare in poor communities.

In essence, Simon Guobadia’s combination of entrepreneurship, entertainment, and philanthropy has made him a popular figure with substantial financial success. His economic success and commitment to making a difference earned him fortune.

NameSimon Guobadia
Net Worth$40 Million dollars
ProfessionNigerian-American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and executive producer
Date of Birth2 June 1964
Age58 years old
Height180 cm(5’11”)
BirthplaceBenin, Nigeria

Who is Simon Guobadia?

Simon Guobadia, a visionary businessman and entrepreneur, changed the real estate sector. To advance his career, Guobadia moved from Nigeria to the US. He founded and runs SIMCOL Group, an Atlanta-based real estate development and investment company. SIMCOL Group has completed many Southeastern US commercial and residential projects under his leadership.

Guobadia is known for his altruism and kindness outside of business. His founding and running of the Simon Guobadia Foundation demonstrate his commitment to improving Nigerian communities. He promotes education and healthcare projects through the foundation to empower and uplift the needy.

When Simon Guobadia engaged Porsha Williams in 2021, the media focused on him. The story raised worries about their relationship and future ambitions. Simon Guobadia continues to impact and contribute to various aspects of life through his commercial, philanthropic, and public participation.

How old is Simon Guobadia?

Born June 2, 1964, Simon Guobadia is a notable Atlanta businessman and entrepreneur at 58. His specialty is petroleum product distribution, and he founded and runs Simcol Petroleum Limited. Simon has worked in real estate as well as petroleum, demonstrating his commercial adaptability.

When Simon Guobadia proposed to Porsha Williams of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” in May 2021, the news exploded. This high-profile engagement sparked media interest in their relationship and engagement. Simon’s success in petroleum distribution and real estate has made him a prominent figure in entrepreneurship in the public eye.

Simon Guobadia Early Life

Simon Iyore Guobadia was born in Nigeria to Stanley and Martina on June 2, 1964. His family has diplomatic ties from his father, Stanley Guobadia, a Nigerian ambassador. Simon is from a diplomatic family, although his childhood is unknown.

Simon has a Nigerian sister, Mary Awo-Osagie, according to media accounts.

Simon started his schooling at Loyola College in Ibada, Nigeria. Later, he chose US higher education for scholarly reasons. Simon studied accounting and finance at the University of the District of Columbia.

Simon Guobadia graduated in 1993 with a finance and accounting major. His commercial and entrepreneurship success was built on this knowledge.

How tall is Simon Guobadia?

Full NameSimon Iyore Guobadia
Nick NameSimon Guobadia
Date of BirthJune 2, 1964
Age58 years old
Height180 cm (5’11”)

Simon Guobadia Biography

Real NameSimon Iyore Guobadia
Nick NameSimon Guobadia
Date of Birth2 June 1964
Age58 years old
Height180 cm(5’11”)
BirthplaceBenin, Nigeria
ProfessionNigerian-American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and executive producer
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Sexual OrientationStraight
DivorceFalynn Pina (m. 2019–2021)
SpousePorsha Williams (m. 2022)

Simon Guobadia’s trip from Nigeria to Atlanta, Georgia, shows his relentless and diverse entrepreneurial spirit. He started corporate life with a solid financial and accounting background and became a significant figure. His versatility and dedication to excellence are evident in his work in technology, healthcare, and real estate. Simon’s love of charity shines through outside of work. Simon Guobadia is a complex and influential corporate leader with a good impact in many areas due to his interesting personality, exceptional professional achievements, and humanitarian efforts.

Simon Guobadia Career

Hospitality and real estate pioneer Simon Guobadia has left an everlasting impression. Key jobs at Marriott and Hyatt gave him a broad understanding of hotel operations, management, and marketing. In 2011, Guobadia created SIMCOL Group, an Atlanta real estate development and investment firm, using this knowledge. His imaginative leadership has helped SIMCOL Group complete luxury apartment complexes, shopping centers, and mixed-use developments. The firm’s portfolio is worth $500 million, strengthening its real estate expertise. In addition to business, SIMCOL Group supports community and humanitarian causes through philanthropy. His strategic investments in digital startups and real estate partnerships that go beyond SIMCOL Group demonstrate his dynamic and broad business style.

Personal life 

Beyond his professional success, Simon Guobadia’s personal life has garnered attention. On July 14, 2019, he married reality TV personality Falynn Guobadia in a lavish Villa Christina ceremony. The pair has children and previous relationships.

Simon filed for divorce in January 2021, confirming marital problems. After five years of friendship and two years of marriage, Simon and Falynn divorced on April 22, 2021, citing a “irretrievably ruined” marriage.

Simon Guobadia and Porsha Williams dated after the divorce. The couple got engaged in May 2021 after a month of dating. On Instagram, they post loving photographs and messages about their relationship.

In early 2022, Simon Guobadia surprised Porsha with a $300,000 Rolls Royce Ghost, which he posted on Instagram. They married on November 25, 2022, with a traditional Nigerian wedding and an American wedding.

Simon Guobadia and Porsha Williams celebrated their first wedding anniversary in the UAE, adding another chapter to their increasingly public roma

Philanthropy and Community Involvement

Simon Guobadia’s giving shows his compassion and desire to improve society. The Simon Guobadia Foundation shows his dedication to humanitarian programs that strengthen communities and provide disadvantaged people a chance.

Simon founded the nonprofit to empower neglected areas and address pressing societal issues. Simon has raised awareness, raised funds, and rallied community support for these charity endeavors.

Simon Guobadia’s generosity goes beyond cash gifts; he works on programs to enhance the lives of those in need. Simon’s philanthropy shows how individuals can positively impact society via purposeful giving and enthusiastic involvement.

Financial Expert Simon Guobadia

Simon Guobadia’s career shows his adaptability and business savvy. He became a Deloitte tax manager in Atlanta after graduating. In his two years in this capacity, he improved his finance abilities and understanding.

Simon bravely switched from corporate to entrepreneurial life in 2006. His career changed with this decision. He formed Simon & Company, now SIMCOL Petroleum Limited Company, LLC, in 2007. Simon helped build the SIMCOL brand into a global petroleum and logistics powerhouse as CEO. Simon’s business skills paid off as the company’s revenue topped $7 million in 2023.

Simon expanded his business outside fuel and logistics. Manufacturing, oil and gas, renewable energy, and commodities trading were his interests. He invested in The Republic, DAS BBQ II, and American Cut Steakhouse, showing his entrepreneurial passion. In entertainment, he invested in Twelve Music and Publishing, Simon Paige Productions, and KES Entertainment Group.

As CEO of KLC Petroleum Transport LLC, Simon Guobadia led transportation. His extensive experience in multiple industries showed his ability to see possibilities, take calculated risks, and successfully start and run firms across sectors.

Simon’s transformation from corporate tax manager to dynamic entrepreneur shows his endurance, adaptability, and strategic vision. His diverse corporate holdings and smart investments demonstrate his forward-thinking attitude to entrepreneurship, making him a successful and powerful businessman.

Simon Guobadia in the Entertainment Industry

Simon Guobadia’s entertainment venture shows his business and creative skills. He loved filmmaking after migrating to the US, and his success shaped the cinema industry. Some of his notable works:

“Jail Dogs” (2012): Simon’s unique approach to filmmaking was evident in this short documentary.

The 2013 TV special “Ken Ford Live from the Buckhead Theatre” was executive produced by Simon Guobadia. The production demonstrated Guobadia’s content creation range.

“Kill” (2019), a drama mystery thriller, shows Simon’s versatility. This film showed his wide entertainment interests.

Simon contributed to the 2020 biographical drama “Son of the South,” adding to his impressive filmography. This strengthened his filmmaking career.

Along with executive producing, Simon Guobadia did reality TV. After his Instagram announcement of his marriage to Porsha Williams, the couple appeared on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Porsha’s Family Matters.” Their relationship and personal life were shown in this reality show.

Simon Guobadia’s business and entertainment success shows his adaptability and energy. Filmmaking and reality TV show his enthusiasm, entrepreneurship, and capacity to succeed in many fields.

Other Investments of Simon Guobadia

The $40 million net worth of Simon Guobadia displays his smart and diverse business style. His financial backbone is SIMCOL Petroleum Limited, a global petroleum and logistics behemoth with $7 million in 2023 revenue. Beyond oil, Guobadia has made significant investments, proving his financial ability.

In hospitality, Simon opened “The Republic,” “DAS BBQ II barbeque restaurant,” and “American Cut Steakhouse.” Although he no longer owns them, they show his hospitality skills.

Guobadia’s stability comes from multimillion-dollar real estate investments. His mansion sales demonstrate his understanding of personal asset instability.

Simon’s filmography, including executive producing “Jail Dogs” and “Son of the South,” showcases his versatility. Real estate and IT assets show his skilled wealth management technique.

A well-rounded investment plan pays out for Simon Guobadia, who won in petroleum, hospitality, real estate, entertainment, and technology. His financial tale encourages ambitious entrepreneurs to be flexible, strategic, and exploit cross-sector opportunities.


Simon Guobadia’s restaurant operations have been successful and difficult. His almost $3.8 million investment in SIMCOL Restaurant Concepts’ Buckhead Bottle Bar closed in 2014 due to financial issues. Restaurants are volatile, as bankruptcy procedures show.

Simon opened Simon’s Restaurant in 2017 to bounce back, with delicious food and great service. Simon’s Restaurant, like many others, struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic despite its initial popularity. This worldwide crisis forced its shutdown in May 2020, showing how external issues affect the restaurant sector.

Both Buckhead Bottle Bar and Simon’s Restaurant demonstrate the restaurant industry’s volatility. Tenacity is needed to survive in this industry, as Simon Guobadia demonstrated. Closures can be difficult, but they also offer opportunity to learn and adapt to the evolving restaurant industry.

Real Estate

Simon Guobadia’s real estate dealings were significant, especially during his marriage to Falynn. Their Atlanta purchases showed a good eye for luxury residences.

The Buckhead estate was the first purchase for $3.36 million. Simon Guobadia intentionally sold this house for $4.5 million after their divorce, a good ROI. This successful real estate purchase shows his market expertise.

The second property was a $7 million Sandy Springs house bought in January 2022. The divorce settlement’s property partition details are unknown, but Simon’s large investment shows his commitment to luxury.

Despite these major real estate transactions, Simon Guobadia’s current residence and whereabouts are unknown. This discretion matches personal real estate holdings’ privacy. His real estate portfolio shows how important life events affect property portfolios and the dynamic nature of personal investments

Cars and Other Assets

Simon Guobadia’s $2 million car collection shows his appreciation of expensive cars. His collection of luxury cars is unknown, although he likes them.

His Instagram page shows his opulent lifestyle, including his love of luxury aircraft and cars. Though his social media posts about the private jet’s ownership are unclear, they reflect his successful entrepreneurial career and fondness for luxury.

Famous cars in Simon Guobadia’s collection:

Rolls-Royce Phantom

Rolls-Royce Dawn

Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Ferrari 812 GTS

Mercedes AMG S63

Coachmen Mauck 2 van

Cadillac Escalade

This collection reflects not only his appreciation for luxury automobiles but also underscores his ability to indulge in high-end, premium vehicles that complement his affluent lifestyle.

What We Learn From Simon Guobadia

Simon Guobadia’s rise from poverty to entrepreneurial success shows his perseverance and dedication. His experiences provide these lessons:

Venture diversity matters:

Simon’s success in energy and entertainment shows the value of diversification. Exploring different areas reduces risks and creates new opportunities.

The Power of Philanthropy: 

Simon Guobadia’s generosity shows how charity may change communities and the world. He shows a commitment to improving society by investing in important ventures. His commitment goes beyond cash donations, joining in efforts to help the poor.

Simon’s philanthropy includes local and global help. Through the Simon Guobadia Foundation, he addresses social issues and empowers impoverished areas. His compassionate philanthropy generates donations and community support, demonstrating the transforming potential of deliberate or passionate giving.

Simon’s generosity shows that people and organizations can make a difference by supporting their ideals and passions. Simon Guobadia’s generosity shows how one person can improve others’ lives via education, healthcare, and community development.

Personal Resilience: 

Simon’s famous partnerships celebrate flexibility and perseverance. We define ourselves by how we handle unforeseen challenges.

As Simon’s journey from Nigeria to the United States demonstrated, entrepreneurship is a global phenomenon. Ambitious people may succeed and create chances anywhere.

Balancing Professional and Personal Growth: 

Simon’s successful career and personal relationships demonstrate the importance of achieving balance. Life is more satisfying when both are prioritized.

Simon Guobadia’s life teachings can help people thrive in various industries while giving back to the community.

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InstagramSee Profile469K
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Finally, Simon Guobadia’s life and profession show perseverance, determination, and versatility. Nigerian-American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and executive producer born June 2, 1964, is worth $40 million.

Simon’s SIMCOL Group’s real estate and other enterprises have benefited Nigerian communities, especially through the Simon Guobadia Foundation.

Media coverage of Simon’s 2021 engagement to Porsha Williams hasboosted his fame. His climb from Nigeria to Deloitte tax manager and business owner highlights the benefits of expanding into hotels, petroleum, entertainment, and real estate.

Simon Guobadia made $40 million through clever business decisions, profitable investments, and industry success. His restaurant, real estate, and film executive producing professions show his financial diversification.

Simon has 469K Instagram followers and appears in reality TV. His condo and private plane are unknown, but his website displays a love of fancy cars and culture.

He teaches altruism, resilience, strategic investments, and balancing personal and professional success. His narrative motivates entrepreneurs and others pursuing success.

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