Pat McAfee's Net Worth

Pat McAfee’s Net Worth, Biography, Career and many more

 Pat McAfee’s Net Worth

$60 Million

Pat McAfee’s Salary

$17 Million

What is Pat McAfee’s net worth?

Pat McAfee’s Net Worth is $60 million. Pat McAfee has gone from professional football player to sports media and entertainment celebrity. After retiring from professional football, McAfee hosted “The Pat McAfee Show” podcast, where he discusses sports, personal tales, and interviews famous people.

McAfee earned $15 million in the NFL. Post-retirement arrangements and contracts in sports and media were his greatest financial triumph. McAfee signed a 4-year, $120 million contract with FanDuel in December 2021, demonstrating his sports media dominance. In May 2023, he strategically left FanDuel to sign with ESPN. ESPN’s five-year $85 million agreement pays $17 million each year.

For reasons other than money, McAfee entered the world of professional wrestling with WWE. McAfee began as a pundit and then wrestled, showing his flexibility in sports and entertainment.

Pat McAfee’s rise from professional football to podcast presenter, professional wrestler, and lucrative contract shows his commercial savvy and adaptability in multiple media and sports industries. McAfee’s podcast and high-profile deals demonstrate his power and appeal in sports media and entertainment.

Net Worth$60 Million
Salary$17 Million
BirthdateMay 2, 1987
Age36 years old
BirthplacePlum, Pennsylvania

Pat McAfee’s Salary

Pat McAfee’s wealth goes beyond his eight-year Indianapolis Colts tenure. After retiring from football, McAfee skillfully entered sports media, podcast hosting, and lucrative business ventures.

McAfee signed a $120 million, $30 million-per-year deal with FanDuel, one of his biggest accomplishments. His sports analyst and podcast hosting jobs, together with these contracts, have kept him financially secure.

McAfee has invested heavily in startups and other businesses in addition to sports media. The rumored multimillion-dollar contracts and various interests demonstrate McAfee’s capacity to produce large income from his multifaceted profession, even though his pay is unknown.

Pat McAfee’s post-football success shows how an athlete can transfer into other fields and succeed financially through intelligent job choices and entrepreneurship.

Pat McAfee’s Early Life

In Plum, Pennsylvania, Pat McAfee’s childhood and athleticism laid the stage for his incredible sports career. His parents, Tim and Sally McAfee, had him on May 2, 1987. He excelled in soccer and football. McAfee excelled in football and soccer in high school. His soccer kicking strength predicted his professional success. McAfee’s adaptability and agility in these early years helped him succeed in high school and set the stage for his successful sports career.

Early Life and Education 

The Mountaineers’ placekicker, Pat McAfee, continued to impress with his kicking. McAfee was one of the school’s best kickers during his undergraduate career. His impressive efforts set school records for kicker points and career field goals. In addition to his own accomplishments, McAfee helped his team win many bowl games. His outstanding collegiate football performances helped the squad win and attracted NFL scouts.

NFL Career

After being drafted 222nd overall by the Indianapolis Colts in 2009, Pat McAfee had a great NFL career from 2009 to 2016. He was named PFWA All-Rookie in his first season (2009) for his play. First-team All-Pro in 2014 marked McAfee’s NFL career peak. He was named to the Pro Bowl the same year and again in 2016.

Three knee surgeries in four seasons forced McAfee to quit from football despite his accomplishments. He became popular in Indianapolis for reasons other than football. Local journalists originally condemned McAfee for being detained for trying to swim across a canal after a night of partying. Interestingly, the coverage made him a local hero and popular favorite in Indianapolis.

NFL Career Earnings

Pat McAfee earned almost $15 million in salary and bonuses throughout his NFL career. His biggest contract was a $14 million, 5-year deal with $5 million in guaranteed money in 2014. This major deal recognized McAfee’s expertise and team accomplishments. McAfee made $4.7 million in his first five seasons with the Indianapolis Colts before this massive contract. The financial terms of his contracts showed his competence and accomplishments in the field.


Pat McAfee has shown versatility in his work beyond sports media. He became a comedian and pro wrestling analyst. McAfee appeared on WWE’s NXT TakeOver panels in New Orleans and Chicago in 2018. McAfee’s participation in these high-profile wrestling tournaments showed his abilities to entertain and analyze outside of athletics.

Podcast and Pat McAfee Inc

Pat McAfee quickly entered sports media after retiring from the NFL. He joined Barstool Sports’ roster and debuted “The Pat McAfee Show” on Sirius. This started his podcasting and broadcasting career.

Pat left Barstool Sports in August 2018 about pay. Still determined, he founded Pat McAfee Inc. McAfee launched several self-produced podcasts under PMI, including “The Pat McAfee Show 2.0” and “The Pod,” a gambling podcast.

Pat’s Sirius show resumed in 2020, expanding his sports media reach. This new “The Pat McAfee Show” aired daily from 12 to 3 pm on Mad Dog Sports Radio, consolidating his position in sports analysis and podcasting.

FanDuel Deal

Pat McAfee made FanDuel his television show’s exclusive sportsbook partner in December 2021. The arrangement was reported to be worth $30 million annually. McAfee might leave after three years of the four-year term. If these reports are accurate, Pat McAfee might earn twice as much as he did in his NFL career each year throughout this lucrative arrangement. This significant partnership highlights McAfee’s sports media and entertainment achievements and impact.


Andrew Marchand of the New York Post stated on May 16, 2023, that Pat McAfee announced his departure from FanDuel’s $120 million contract. Out of FanDuel to join ESPN in the autumn. McAfee hopes to keep his YouTube crew and “The Pat McAfee Show” going despite this change. McAfee is estimated to make over $10 million per year in his new ESPN role. A week later, ESPN disclosed McAfee’s $85 million, 5-year contract. This new deal brings McAfee $17 million year, demonstrating his sports media success.

Pat McAfee’s Endorsements

Pat McAfee’s endorsement arrangements with several corporations boost his finances. McAfee signed a multi-year, multi-million dollar arrangement with FanDuel, a leading daily fantasy sports firm. His sports and gaming influence and credibility are shown by this relationship.

DraftKings and Lululemon are among McAfee’s other sports endorsements. These partnerships highlight McAfee’s working with top sports and fitness brands.

McAfee endorses products and services in many industries, not only sports. He endorses sleep products and clothes brands, showing variety. His relationships with tech and entertainment companies like Twitch demonstrate his influence.

The variety of sponsorships demonstrates that McAfee’s appeal extends beyond athletics to his lively personality and eclectic interests. These relationships help him financially and show his ability to connect with audiences across genres.

Pat McAfee’s Investments

Strategic investments in startups demonstrate Pat McAfee’s entrepreneurial energy and diversified commercial interests. After investing in Satisfying, a snack food company that makes nutritious and sustainable snacks, McAfee became a brand ambassador. He has also invested and become a brand ambassador for Root, a digital car insurance company that uses telematics for individualized prices. 

McAfee invested in and advertised for HIMS, a men’s wellness and healthcare company that treats hair loss and erectile problems. McAfee invests in and promotes Brava, a smart oven firm that uses cutting-edge cooking technology for healthier and more efficient solutions, through his podcast and social media. Finally, he invested in The Bitcoin Store, an online platform selling Bitcoin and cryptocurrency products, and became their ambassador. McAfee’s strategic investments demonstrate his devotion to multiple industries and corporate leadership.

Pat McAfee’s Other Sources of Income

Pat McAfee has added to his financial portfolio by diversifying his revenue streams beyond sports analysis and podcasting. McAfee’s endorsements with FanDuel, Lululemon, and DraftKings boost his revenue. Comedy, lecturing, and wrestling commentary are McAfee’s live performances outside of sports and entertainment. 

He sells hats and t-shirts with his name. McAfee’s income approach includes rental income and property appreciation via real estate investments like an Indianapolis mansion. McAfee has also made strategic investments in startups and enterprises, earning dividends, capital gains, and other rewards. McAfee’s varied income production strategy establishes his commercial and financial expertise and diversifies his revenue stream.

Pat McAfee’s Houses

Pat McAfee strategically invests in real estate, including large holdings:

Indianapolis House: McAfee lives in Broad Ripple in a 5,000-square-foot house. Priced over $2 million, this four-bedroom home has four bathrooms.

Florida House: McAfee bought Florida property in 2019. This property adds to his broad real estate portfolio, but its features and location are unknown.

Investment Properties: McAfee invests in real estate. He bought numerous strategically placed Indiana rental houses. McAfee’s financial approach benefits from these investment properties’ rental income.

In his proactive approach to financial growth, McAfee may add properties to his portfolio as he makes strategic real estate investments. McAfee’s broad real estate portfolio shows his dedication to long-term riches through property ownership and real estate investments.

Pat McAfee’s Cars

His luxury car collection shows Pat McAfee’s affinity for cars. Famous automobiles he owned or drove include:

Lamborghini Huracan: McAfee has a beautiful, powerful sports car that costs roughly $200,000. His social media posts reveal his love for this premium car.

Dodge Challenger Hellcat: McAfee also had a Dodge Challenger Hellcat, a powerful muscle car. These cars cost up to $70,000, illustrating McAfee’s luxury car tastes.

Cadillac Escalade: McAfee drives a Cadillac Escalade, a luxurious SUV known for its comfort and flair. This vehicle can cost $100,000, demonstrating McAfee’s preference for luxury cars.

Ford F-150 Raptor: McAfee expanded his collection with an off-road-capable high-performance pickup truck. McAfee’s broad car tastes are shown by his $80,000 trucks.

Pat McAfee’s automotive collection showcases his love of elegance, performance, and variety. His luxury cars reflect his great job and l

Pat McAfee’s Charity Work

Pat McAfee’s charitable work has been substantial. He launched the Pat McAfee Foundation in 2012 to give military children scholarships. The organization has raised over $500,000 to educate worthy people and improve military families’ lives.

McAfee also supports The Brooke’s Place, a non-profit that helps children and families grieve. McAfee’s comedy concerts and other activities have raised donations for The Brooke’s Place, helping it provide vital support during difficult times.

McAfee has supported the Indianapolis Humane Society because he cares about animals. This nonprofit relentlessly shelters and cares for homeless pets. McAfee’s donations and shelter adoptions demonstrate his commitment to helping animals.

McAfee supports The V Foundation for Cancer Research, a non-profit that funds cancer research and helps patients and their families. His fundraising efforts and donations demonstrate his dedication to cancer research and patient assistance.

McAfee has openly discussed his mental health difficulties and used his platform to promote mental health initiatives. McAfee has supported mental health organizations like the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the HopeLine Suicide Prevention Center.

Pat McAfee’s philanthropy shows his broad dedication to subjects he cares about. McAfee has used his power to improve society through education, grief assistance, animal welfare, cancer research, and mental health activism. His commitment to charity shows how people can benefit society.

Pat McAfee’s Awards and Achievements

After retiring from football, Pat McAfee became a media figure. Since then, his career may have changed, so consult more recent sources for updates. Pat McAfee’s accolades and accomplishments as of my last update:

Double NFL Pro Bowl selection: Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee was picked twice to the NFL Pro Bowl.

He was a two-time NFL First-Team All-Pro punter.

Indianapolis Colts Ring of Honor: Pat McAfee was inducted into the team’s Ring of Honor in 2019.

Media Career: McAfee succeeded in media after quitting from football. He became famous for sports analysis, commentary, and podcasting.

Pat McAfee broadcasts “The Pat McAfee Show,” a popular sports talk and humor podcast. The show includes sports, entertainment, and current events.

Stand-up comedy: McAfee performs his humor and storytelling skills.

WWE Contributor: McAfee has spoken and hosted for WWE.

Please note that Pat McAfee’s career may have won more honors since January 2022.


In conclusion, Pat McAfee’s rise from NFL star to sports media and entertainment star has been defined by success and wealth. His $60 million net worth shows his football skills and clever maneuvers in podcasting, sports journalism, and successful commercial endeavors.

McAfee’s move from professional football to “The Pat McAfee Show” and high-profile deals with FanDuel and ESPN shows his versatility and commercial aptitude. In addition to athletics, McAfee has worked in stand-up comedy, wrestling, and entrepreneurship.

His Pat McAfee Foundation and support for education, grief aid, animal welfare, cancer research, and mental health demonstrate his dedication to improving society.

McAfee’s savvy startup investments, multiple income sources, and well-managed real estate holdings demonstrate his financial expertise and long-term wealth-building techniques.

Pat McAfee was well-known when I last checked in January 2022, but his career may have changed since then. For Pat McAfee’s newest accomplishments, consult recent sources.

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