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Ralph Macchio Net Worth 

Ralph Macchio net worth is $8 million due to his great career in the entertainment sector. Macchio became famous for playing Daniel La Russo in the “Karate Kid” films, which became a cultural phenomena. Popularity of these films has helped Macchio’s financial success.

Besides his film success, Ralph Macchio has captivated audiences in the sequel TV series, “Cobra Kai.” The show, which follows characters from the original “Karate Kid” films, has boosted Macchio’s Hollywood stardom and wealth.

Ralph Macchio’s legendary performances and lasting popularity demonstrate his ability to connect with audiences. His rise from the “Karate Kid” franchise to “Cobra Kai” shows his lasting impact and financial success in Hollywood.

Karate Kid Movies: How Much Did He Earn?

Ralph Macchio net worth is $8 million

Ralph Macchio’s salary for “The Karate Kid” films is unknown, but the films’ financial success is well known. The 1984 original grossed $130 million worldwide. This massive box office triumph made the film one of Hollywood’s highest-grossing and cemented “The Karate Kid” franchise’s status in the entertainment world.

“The Karate Kid Part II,” released in 1986, earned $130 million worldwide to sustain the franchise’s success. The third sequel grossed $39 million worldwide, but the trilogy as a whole helped cement the franchise’s history and commercial significance in the entertainment industry.

Although his pay is unknown, Ralph Macchio’s role in these great films was vital to his career and financial success. Hollywood’s film history is shaped by “The Karate Kid” franchise’s perennial appeal and financial success.


NameRalph Macchio
Net Worth( 2023)$8 Million Dollars
ProfessionAmerican Actor
Date of Birth4 November 1961
Age61 years old
Height173 cm (5 Feet 9 Inches)
Weight(154 lbs) 70 kg
BirthplaceHuntington, New York, United States

Ralph Macchio Early Life

Ralph Macchio net worth is $8 million

Rosalie (née DeSantis) and Ralph Macchio, Sr. had Ralph George Macchio Jr. on November 4, 1961, in Huntington, New York. Macchio was shaped by his Italian and Greek origins.

Macchio was artistically inclined from childhood. He started tap-dancing courses at three, showing early talent. Growing up in a ranch family exposed him to entertainment and expressiveness, which helped him succeed in acting.

These formative experiences led Ralph Macchio to become a successful actor, most recognised for his portrayal as Daniel La Russo in “The Karate Kid” films and the TV series “Cobra Kai.”


Ralph Macchio net worth is $8 million

After being found and cast as Jeremy Andretti in “Eight Is Enough” (1980-1981), Ralph Macchio entered the entertainment profession at sixteen. The 1980 comedy “Up the Academy.” was his feature picture debut. His role in “The Outsiders” (1983) strengthened his industry reputation.

Macchio’s breakout role as Daniel LaRusso in “The Karate Kid” (1984) changed his career. The film’s popularity made him famous and propelled him to Hollywood. His subsequent films, “The Karate Kid Part II” (1986) and “The Karate Kid Part III” (1989), solidified his standing as a top actor.

Besides the “Karate Kid” trilogy, Ralph Macchio has been in “Crossroads” (1986), “Distant Thunder” (1988), “Too Much Sun” (1990), “My Cousin Vinny” (1992), “Naked in New York” (1993), “Can’t Be Heaven” (1999), and “A Good Night to Die” (2003). The actor has performed in many genres, demonstrating his flexibility.

Macchio has guest-starred on “Entourage” (2005), “Ugly Betty” (2008), and “How I Met Your Mother” (2013). His adaptability to roles and mediums shows his longevity.

In addition to film, Ralph Macchio has been in “Cuba and His Teddy Bear” (1986) with Robert DeNiro, the U.S. revival tour of “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” (1996), and “A Room of My Own” (2016). In 2011, he reached the semi-finals of “Dancing with the Stars,” demonstrating his versatility and willingness to try new things.

Ralph Macchio’s longevity in acting and performance arts shows his aptitude, versatility, and ageless appeal.

Personal Life

Since 1987, Ralph Macchio has been happily married to nurse practitioner Phyllis Fierro. Their love story began when Macchio was 15 and his grandma connected them. This long-term union has produced two children.

Macchio owns the 1947 yellow Ford he polished in “The Karate Kid,” adding a lovely and sentimental touch to his real-life connection with the film. This personal item connects his off-screen life to the film’s key events, deepening his relationship to Daniel LaRusso.

Ralph Macchio’s family dedication and personal links to his prior work create a beautiful blend of his professional and personal lives, enriching his life story.

Cobra Kai

With “Cobra Kai,” a 2018 YouTube series, Ralph Macchio returned to martial arts after “The Karate Kid” franchise. Macchio and William Zabka reprised their roles as Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence in the April 2019 second season. After two seasons at $100,000 each episode, both actors negotiated a $1 million per season rise. Macchio and Zabka co-produced the project in addition to acting.

“Cobra Kai” is licensed by Weintraub Entertainment Group and executive produced by Will Smith’s Overbrook Productions. Macchio, an experienced actor and co-producer, brought his expertise to the project.

Netflix bought the rights in August 2020, improving the series’ low viewership on YouTube Red. It became one of Netflix’s most-watched shows after moving there. Netflix purchased at least four seasons of “Cobra Kai” proving its longevity and success.

The original Karate Kid cast reunion with Ralph Macchio

Ralph Macchio told Forbes he was excited to work with “The Karate Kid” stars William Zabka, Elisabeth Shue, Yuji Okumoto, and others on “Cobra Kai.” Macchio thanked the show’s creators for continuing the characters’ stories and credited the original and new cast members for the series’ legacy. He praised the younger cast for their love and understanding of the iconic series, emphasising the generational passing of the torch.

Ralph Macchio has invested in real estate outside of acting, demonstrating his commercial skills.

What About His Other Acting Roles?

Ralph Macchio has contributed to several great films and TV shows despite keeping his remuneration hidden. His 1980-1981 portrayal as Jeremy Andretti in “Eight Is Enough” showed his early promise. His roles in “The Outsiders” (1983) and “My Cousin Vinny” (1992) enhanced his acting abilities.

Macchio’s portrayal as Johnny Cade in “The Outsiders,” a classic coming-of-age film with a great cast, helped make the film culturally significant. His portrayal in Francis Ford Coppola’s adaption was lauded.

Macchio was praised for his courtroom humour in “My Cousin Vinny” (1992) with Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei.

Macchio continued his stellar career with “Psych: The Movie” (2017), contributing to the smash series “Psych.” While Macchio’s pay is unknown, his continued involvement in beloved and famous projects shows his lasting impact on the entertainment business.

How tall is Ralph Macchio?

The legendary actor Ralph Macchio is 173 cm (5 feet 9 inches) tall and 70 kg. His modest height enhances his appeal and allows him to play a wide range of characters with different personalities and roles. This physical trait has helped Macchio transcend between parts, demonstrating his flexibility as an actor.

NameRalph Macchio
Date of BirthNovember 4, 1961
BirthplaceHuntington, New York
Height173 cm (5 feet 9 inches)
WeightApproximately 70 kg (154 lbs)
Notable RolesDaniel LaRusso in “Karate Kid,” “Cobra Kai”
Net Worth$8 million
SpousePhyllis Fierro (married since 1987)
Notable Productions“Karate Kid,” “Cobra Kai,” “My Cousin Vinny”
Real Estate$4 million home in Montauk, New York (rented out for $40,000/month)

Ralph Macchio Achievement and Awards

Primetime Emmy Awards2021Outstanding Comedy Series“Cobra Kai”Nominee
Kids’ Choice Awards, USA2023Favorite Male TV Star (Family)“Daniel LaRusso” in “Cobra Kai”Nominee
Kids’ Choice Awards, USA2022Favorite Male TV Star (Family)“Cobra Kai”Nominee
Critics Choice Super Awards2023Best Actor in an Action Series, Limited Series, or Made-for-TV Movie“Cobra Kai”Nominee
Critics Choice Super Awards2022Best Actor in an Action Series“Cobra Kai”Nominee
LifeArt Festival2022Jury Prize for Best TV/Comedy Drama“Cobra Kai”Winner
Santa Barbara International Film Festival2014Bruce Corwin Award for Best Live Action Short Film“Across Grace Alley”Nominee
American Short Film Awards2014Jury Award for Best Drama Short Film“Across Grace Alley”Winner
Long Island International Film Expo2002Festival Prize for Best Director“Love Thy Brother”Winner
Long Island International Film Expo2001Long Island Independent Filmmaker Award“Bit Players”Winner
Long Island International Film Expo2002Audience Choice Award for Best Short (tied with “The Book and the Rose”)“Love Thy Brother”Winner
Razzie Awards1990Worst Actor“The Karate Kid Part III”Nominee
Bravo Otto1986Best Actor (Schauspieler) in GermanyNominee
Young Artist Awards1982Best Young Actor in a Television Special“Eight Is Enough”Nominee

Does He Have Real Estate?

A $4 million Montauk home with seaside views belongs to Ralph Macchio and Phyllis Fierro. When not in use, the couple leases the apartment for $40,000 a month to maximize investment. This brilliant approach showcases Macchio’s real estate skills and lets others live like the actor. Rentals demonstrate Macchio’s skilled property management and Montauk home’s desirability.

Ralph Macchio Social Media Accounts

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FacebookClick here


In conclusion, Ralph Macchio is an established American actor worth $8 million due to his successful career. Macchio’s portrayal of Daniel LaRusso in the “Karate Kid” films made him famous in Hollywood. He reprised his legendary role in the sequel TV series “Cobra Kai,” continuing his fame.

Beyond his financial success, Macchio’s career began with roles like Jeremy Andretti in “Eight Is Enough” (1980-1981) and progressed with films like “The Outsiders” (1983) and “My Cousin Vinny” (1992). He has guest-starred in popular shows and appeared in “Psych: The Movie” (2017).

Macchio has invested wisely in real estate, including a $4 million Montauk property with beach views. The $40,000 monthly rental of this house when not in use shows his financial savvy.

Ralph Macchio married Phyllis Fierro in 1987 and has a long marriage. Founded when Macchio was 15, this long-term union has produced two children. In “The Karate Kid,” Macchio owns the 1947 yellow Ford, a lovely connection between his real-world and on-screen existence.

Macchio receives honors and nominations for his entertainment business work. His new online series “Cobra Kai” has confirmed his image as a versatile and durable entertainment personality. Macchio has produced and shaped beloved brands in addition to acting, winning the LifeArt Festival Jury Prize for Best TV/Comedy Drama.

Ralph Macchio’s journey shows his diverse talent, shrewd investments, and lasting contributions to entertainment. Macchio’s legendary roles, successful series, and philanthropy continue to influence Hollywood and his fans.

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