Bobby Lee Net Worth

Bobby Lee  Net Worth 

Bobby Lee Net Worth?

The diverse American actor, comedian, writer, and podcaster Bobby Lee has had a remarkable career. Bobby Lee net worth 1$ Million. Born in 1971, he is a notable individual with a $1 million net worth. FOX’s sketch comedy “MADtv,” where Bobby appeared from 2001 to 2009, made him famous.

Beyond sketch humour, Bobby Lee has appeared in approximately 80 films, demonstrating his comedic talent in numerous genres. He has made many films, including “Harold & Kumar” Go to White Castle (2004), “Kickin’ It Old Skool” (2007), “Pineapple Express” (2008), “Paul” (2011), “The Dictator” (2012), and “The Wrong Missy” (2020). Bobby also appeared in “Animal Practice” (2012–2013), “Love” (2016–2019), “What Would Diplo Do?” (2017), “Splitting Up Together” (2018–2019), “Magnum P.I.” (2019–present), “Dream Corp LLC” (2020), and “Reservation Dogs” (2021).

Bobby Lee podcasts in addition to acting. He co-hosts “TigerBelly” (2015–present) and “Bad Friends” (2020–present) alongside comedians and friends, having intelligent and funny conversations. Writing, directing, and creating “Talking” (2012–2013) on YouTube further demonstrated his ingenuity.

Bobby Lee has voiced “Wish Dragon” (2021) and worked on “Family Guy” (2009; 2011), “The Awesomes” (2013–2015), “Nature Cat” (2015–2019), and “Inside Job” (2021–2022).

Bobby Lee’s unique humorous style and creative endeavors continue to attract audiences after a wide and successful career in the entertainment sector. His podcasting and film and TV work show his lasting impact on comedy.

Bob Lee Biography

Real NameBob Lee
Nick NameBob
Date of Birth1980
Age43 years old
Height5 feet 10 inches (178 cm)
Weight(168 lbs) 76 kg
BirthplaceCalifornia, USA
ProfessionAmerican Entrepreneur, Businessman
Eye ColourYellow
Hair ColourBlack and Grey
Kids/ChildrenDagny Lee and scout Lee
ParentsRick Lee and Nan Lee
SpouseKrista Lee

Bobby Lee Jr. was born in San Diego on September 17, 1971, to Korean immigrants Jeanie and Robert Lee, who owned clothing stores in Encinitas and Escondido. Bobby’s father, Robert, died of Parkinson’s in 2019. Bobby lived in Poway, California, with his comedic and musician younger brother Steve. Steve, host of “Steebee Weebee” and “Scissor Bros,” joined Bobby on “MADtv” as a guest.

Bobby joined Poway High School’s breakdancing team. He attended Painted Rock Elementary and Twin Peaks Middle Schools in Poway. Bobby has spoken up about childhood molestation despite obstacles.

Bobby Lee attended Palomar College after high school but dropped out. Bobby’s perseverance and comic reactions stem from these developmental experiences.

Bobby Lee’s stories and comedy are shaped by his struggles and successes. Bobby’s performances and creative initiatives are enriched by his life experiences, from his family’s immigration to his challenges.

Bob Lee Professional Career

After graduating, Bob Lee began his career in web development. In 1997, he started working full-time at Redrock Communications. After a year, Lee sought other opportunities.

Lee then worked three years in comparable jobs at Southeast Missouri State University and D’Arcy. His career took him to Capgemini from June 2000 to August 2001. Lee then worked as a consultant at Ajilon Consulting (August 2001–August 2002) and OCI (August 2002–February 2003) for three years. FiveSight Technologies and Plateau hired him for freelance consulting. Lee became an AT&T Technical Architect for a year.

Bob Lee joined Google as a Staff Software Engineer in October 2004 and helped create Android and Guice. These projects demonstrated his technical skill and creativity.

Jack Dorsey named Lee Square Inc.’s CTO in January 2010 due of his skills. At Square Inc., Lee developed Cash App (previously Square Cash), a mobile payment app. In May 2014, he left Square Inc. to pursue personal initiatives and invest in promising startups with his previous capital.

Bob Lee joined SV Angel as a Limited Partner in July 2014. He founded Present, a location-based social media network, in April 2015 and has been CEO since. In recent years, Lee has advised MobileCoin and PreDixon Bio Inc. He joined MobileCoin as CPO in November 2021, contributing to the tech and entrepreneurial environment.

What happened to Bob Lee?

The tech millionaire Bob Lee tragedy occurred on the 300 block of Main Street in Rincon Hill, central San Francisco. San Francisco police found a 43-year-old man with stab wounds at 2:35 a.m. on Tuesday. Later police reports identified Bob Lee as the victim. Lee died in the hospital after being transported there in severe condition.

Friends, coworkers, and partners admired MobileCoin CPO Bob Lee, who died unexpectedly. After Lee’s death, his professional network and beyond were in shock and mourning. ABC News detailed the stabbing and police response. MobileCoin said Lee was a good friend and colleague with a loving family and a community of close friends and coworkers.

Friends, family, and coworkers have taken to Twitter to mourn Bob Lee’s death and reflect on his life’s impact on the IT sector. The stabbing is under investigation, as the IT world mourns the abrupt death of a respected and powerful person.

Bob Lee’s Contributions Beyond Cash App

Bob Lee has shaped tech beyond Cash App. His huge investment in other internet companies showed his dedication to innovation and positive change.

Bob Lee funded audio-based social networking app Clubhouse. He recognised future technology and made money with this investment.

Bob Lee also worked on Figma, a cloud-based design and collaboration platform. Design changed using Figma’s real-time collaboration and file sharing. This platform had potential, therefore Bob Lee invested in its growth to diversify his portfolio.

Bob Lee remarked, “Investing in innovative startups like Clubhouse and Figma not only helped me enhance my financial status but also allowed me to support and contribute to the growth of groundbreaking technologies.”

Along with his investments, Bob Lee produced a WHO COVID-19 app. This collaboration showed his commitment to utilise technology to improve lives and tackle global issues.

Bob Lee’s forward-thinking mindset and drive to impact innovation beyond Cash App are shown in these endeavors.

Bob Lee’s Legacy

The tech industry mourns Bob Lee, but his legacy lives on. He will be honoured for commercial energy and digital payment system developments. Success should not be measured by money. Bob Lee’s dedication to digital payment system change will inspire future generations, regardless of his fortune.

Success does not bring happiness. Happiness breeds success. Be passionate about your work and succeed.” Bob Lee

Bob Lee was recognised for his persistent pursuit of innovation and good. His Cash App helped millions manage their money. Beyond his wealth, Bob Lee is an entrepreneur. Passion and impact lead to success, he showed.

Bobby Lee Achievements

Bob Lee’s work on the Cash App and Android shows his impact on technology. These contributions changed financial transactions and smartphone use forever.

Bobby Lee commitment to innovation and digital payment technologies has changed how we handle our accounts and disrupted traditional banking, according to tech industry analyst Sarah Thompson. He empowered millions of Cash App users by simplifying and democratising digital payments.

Lee’s Cash App has simplified and made financial transactions more accessible. Lee’s dedication to using technology for users has had a major impact on financial technology.

Bobby Lee Android work affects smartphones beyond financial technology. This mobile OS has transformed the smartphone experience for millions of users, delivering a wide selection of apps and features that make it a technological powerhouse.

In essence, Bobby Lee scientific achievements transcend money. His dedication to innovation and digital payment systems has transformed how we use technology and manage our finances. His legacy will inspire future entrepreneurs and shape technology.

Personal Life

Bobby started using heroin at 15 after using marijuana and meth at 12. Three drug rehab programmes got him sober at 17. Lee relapsed on Vicodin after 12 years sober. After being fired, “MADtv” producer Lauren Dombrowski fought for him and got him sober. In a December 2019 episode of “TigerBelly,” Bobby said he relapsed after his father’s death and got sober. Lee claims alcoholic recovery.

Bobby and “TigerBelly” co-host Khalyla Kuhn split in 2022 after 10 years. On “TigerBelly,” Lee confessed he and Khalyla split. Khalyla is my lifelong love and best friend. She changed me in many ways.” In May 2023, Lee sued Wondery for terminating a late 2022 “TigerBelly” distribution and ad sales deal. Bobby’s 2013 claim of using “a young-looking sex worker who had tears in her eyes” in Tijuana was later disproven, and Wondery claimed a “morals clause”. The complaint alleges that “TigerBelly” signed a Wondery contract without a morals provision and knew about the Tijuana tale before joining.

Who killed Bobby Lee?

Lee’s death on April 13 sparked an investigation breakthrough. A news conference by San Francisco Police Chief William Scott announced the arrest of 38-year-old Nima Momeni for Lee’s death. Momeni and Lee apparently know each other.

LinkedIn says Momeni owns April 2010-founded Expand IT, Inc. Diablo IT consultant. Momeni is being held without bail for murder as the investigation continues. An April 14 arraignment was planned.

A fatal stabbing raises San Francisco killings in 2023.


Q: Who is Bob Lee?

A: Bob Lee is an American entrepreneur and businessman born in 1980, known for his contributions to the tech industry.

Q: What is Bob Lee’s net worth?

A: As of 2023, Bob Lee’s net worth is not mentioned in the provided information.

Q: What are Bob Lee’s notable achievements?

A: Bob Lee is recognized for founding Present, a social media company, and serving as the Chief Product Officer (CPO) at MobileCoin. He played a key role in developing Cash App and made significant investments in tech startups like Clubhouse and Figma.

Q: How did Bob Lee pass away?

A: Bob Lee tragically passed away after a fatal stabbing in downtown San Francisco. The suspect, Nima Momeni, was arrested in connection with his death.

Q: What is Bobby Lee’s legacy?

A: Bobby Lee legacy includes his groundbreaking contributions to the digital payment system through Cash App, investments in innovative startups, and collaborative efforts with the World Health Organization to address global challenges.


Bobby Lee  life and work were distinguished by ingenuity, entrepreneurship, and a deep desire to help. His legacy goes beyond his financial success. His work in the digital payment ecosystem and strategic investments in transformational technologies have set a tech industry standard.

Bobby Lee legacy is pushing innovation. His creativity and forward-thinking approach transformed financial transactions and made the internet more inclusive and accessible.

Lee was an exceptional entrepreneur who saw opportunities and implemented innovative concepts. The Cash App demonstrates his goal to simplify financial activities and make them accessible to a diverse user base.

Lee’s investment in revolutionary technologies showed his commitment to tech’s future. His impact extended beyond his undertakings, shaping the technology environment and internet platforms.

Tech fans mourn Bobby Lee passing, who was respected for his professional accomplishments and willingness to mentor others. The industry mourns his death, but his legacy will inspire future inventors.

After reflecting on Bobby Lee path, it’s clear that his dedication to digital payment innovation has shaped the tech industry. His legacy will inspire new ideas and promote innovation in technology for years to come.

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