Yelawolf Net Worth

Yelawolf Net Worth: What Is The Rapper Worth? Biography, Career, Early LIfe and More

Yelawolf Net Worth

$4 Million

Yelawolf Net Worth

What is Yelawolf Net Worth?

Yelawolf, a respected American rapper, has achieved significant success in the music industry, amassing a Yelawolf net worth of $4 million. His breakthrough came with the 2010 EP “Trunk Muzik,” propelling him into the spotlight. The subsequent year, he signed with Eminem’s prestigious record label, Shady Records, marking a pivotal moment in his career. This partnership led to the release of several well-received studio albums, such as “Radioactive,” “Love Story,” “Trial by Fire,” and “Trunk Muzik III,” showcasing Yelawolf’s versatility and lyrical skill.

Demonstrating his artistic independence, Yelawolf took control of his sixth and seventh studio albums, “Ghetto Cowboy” and “Mud Mouth,” released in 2019 and 2022, respectively. Throughout his journey, Yelawolf has consistently pushed creative boundaries with his innovative musical approach, cementing his position as a prominent figure in the rap scene through unwavering dedication.

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Yelawolf Net Worth$4 Million
BirthdateDec 30, 1979 (44 years old)
Height6 ft (1.83 m)
ProfessionSinger-songwriter, Rapper
NationalityUnited States of America

Yelawolf Early Life

Michael Wayne Atha was born on December 30, 1979, in Gadsden, Alabama. His mother, Sheila, was only 16 years old when he was born, and Atha experienced a childhood marked by frequent relocations. Regarding his stage name, Yelawolf, he has explained its Native American origins. He stated, “Yelawolf is Native American. My father is Cherokee, and I come from Cherokee County – Gadsden, Alabama. ‘Yela’ represents light, the sun, power, fire, and hunger, while ‘Wolf’ signifies my determination and ability to persevere… my fierceness.”

Yelawolf Wiki

Real NameMichael Wayne Atha
Nick NameYelawolf
Birth PlaceGadsden, Alabama, United States
Date Of BirthDecember 30, 1979
Age43 years old
Height– Centimeters: 183 cm
– Feet and Inches: 6’0″
Weight– Kilograms: 76 kg
– Pounds: 167 lbs
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorDark brown
Parents Name– Father: N/A
– Mother: Sheila Mitchell
SchoolAntioch High School
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
Wife/Spouse NameFefe Dobson
Kids/Children Name– N’Deyah Atha
– Phoenix Atha
– Tariq Atha
ProfessionRapper, singer, and songwriter
Net Worth$4 million
Last Updated2024


Yelawolf’s educational journey commenced at Carter Lawrence Elementary School in Nashville, where his love for hip-hop first sparked, fueling his fascination with rap. He then moved on to Antioch High School to further his studies. Despite his commitment to education, Yelawolf made the decision not to pursue higher education at a university or college. If you’re curious about celebrity net worth, you might also find interest in exploring T-Pain’s financial status.

Early Career & Mixtapes

Early Career & Mixtapes

Yelawolf’s path to success was characterized by his unwavering determination and resilience. Born as Michael Wayne Atha in Gadsden, Alabama, he faced numerous challenges during his upbringing. However, fueled by a deep passion for music, he began his journey towards success in the early 2000s. Through sheer dedication, Yelawolf tirelessly worked on his craft, refining his skills and developing his unique style. His early mixtapes, such as “Ball Of Flames: The Ballad Of Slick Rick E. Bobby” and “Stereo: A Hip-Hop Tribute To Classic Rock,” demonstrated his raw talent and versatility. These projects not only highlighted his musical abilities but also laid the groundwork for the remarkable accomplishments that would define his illustrious career.

Trunk Muzik & Breakout Success

Yelawolf’s rise to prominence soared to new levels with the launch of “Trunk Muzik” in 2010, a pivotal moment that catapulted him into the spotlight. This mixtape garnered widespread praise, drawing attention for its distinct Southern-inspired sound and compelling narratives. One standout track, “Pop The Trunk,” quickly gained popularity, establishing Yelawolf as an emerging force in the rap scene. Building on the success of “Trunk Muzik,” he capitalized on the momentum by releasing his debut studio album, “Radioactive,” in 2011. With this album, Yelawolf further cemented his position in the music industry, showcasing his talent and versatility to a broader audience.

Shady Records Deals & Continued Ascendancy

In 2011, Yelawolf struck a significant deal with Shady Records, the renowned label founded by rap icon Eminem. This collaboration marked a turning point for the Alabama native, providing him with a platform to amplify his artistic vision and broaden his audience. His subsequent albums, particularly “Love Story” (2015) and “Trial By Fire” (2017), showcased his growth as an artist, blending elements of country, rock, and rap to create a unique and captivating sound.

Outside of his music career, Yelawolf has delved into entrepreneurship by establishing ventures like his own record label, Slumerican. Despite facing setbacks and challenges along the way, he has remained dedicated to his craft. His genuine approach and fearless creativity have resonated with audiences worldwide, contributing to his sustained success.

As of 2024, Yelawolf’s estimated net worth is approximately $4 million, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth. This remarkable figure reflects his enduring impact on the music industry and his ability to turn passion into prosperity.

Further Solo Mixtapes and Albums

Further Solo Mixtapes and Albums

Following the success of “Radioactive,” Yelawolf continued to captivate the music scene with a string of releases that highlighted his versatility and talent. In 2012, he treated his fans to the mixtape “Heart of Dixie,” offering it as a free download. The following year, he followed up with another free digital mixtape titled “Trunk Muzik Returns,” featuring collaborations with notable artists like Raekwon, ASAP Rocky, and Killer Mike.

In 2014, anticipation grew with the release of the single “Box Chevy V,” teasing his upcoming third studio album, “Love Story.” Upon its release in April 2015, “Love Story” made waves, debuting at number three on the Billboard 200 chart. Boosted by hit singles like “Till It’s Gone” and “Best Friend” featuring Eminem, the album became Yelawolf’s most commercially successful yet, accumulating over 100 million views on YouTube. The momentum continued in 2016 with the release of his EP “Hotel.”

However, Yelawolf faced personal challenges, reportedly experiencing a mental breakdown that led to a brief stay at a mental ward. Despite this setback, he returned to the music scene with vigor, releasing his fourth studio album, “Trial by Fire,” in 2017. The album featured impactful singles such as “Daylight,” “Shadows,” “Row Your Boat,” and “Punk.”

In 2019, the highly anticipated “Trunk Muzik III” was released, boasting collaborations with artists like Machine Gun Kelly, MopTop, Big Henri, and DJ Klever under Eminem’s label. Yelawolf then ventured into independent territory with “Ghetto Cowboy” under his label, Slumerican. The album, supported by singles like “Unnatural Born Killer” and “Opie Taylor,” showcased his growth and innovation.

Collaborative Projects

Yelawolf’s collaborative ventures have broadened his musical range, demonstrating his adaptability and eagerness to explore diverse genres and sounds. In 2012, he partnered with English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran for the EP “The Slumdon Bridge,” seamlessly blending rap and pop elements. That same year, Yelawolf collaborated with esteemed drummer Travis Barker on the EP “Psycho White,” showcasing his versatility across various musical landscapes.

The spirit of collaboration persisted in subsequent years with a series of EPs featuring different artists. These included “Black Fall” with rapper DJ Paul, “Catfish Billy x Cub Cook Up Boss,” and “Catfish Billy x Cub Cook Up Boss Slum Trap” with Cook Up Boss, and “Slumafia” with DJ Paul.

In 2020, Yelawolf delved into nu metal, collaborating with the legendary band Korn on their studio album “Devil Went Down to Georgia.” This unexpected partnership highlighted Yelawolf’s ability to adapt and innovate within diverse musical contexts.

In the following years, Yelawolf continued to engage in numerous collaborative projects, showcasing his prolific output and commitment to artistic exploration. In 2021, he curated the informal event “April Onslaught,” releasing a trio of collaborative albums: “Yelawolf Blacksheep” with Caskey, “Turquoise Tornado” with Riff Raff, and “Mile Zero” with DJ Muggs.

Most recently, in 2022, Yelawolf teamed up with Shooter Jennings for the project “Sometimes Y,” further expanding his creative horizons and reaffirming his position as a dynamic force in the music industry. Through his collaborative endeavors, Yelawolf continues to push boundaries and defy expectations, leaving a lasting impression on the musical landscape.

Musical Influences

Yelawolf’s musical style is a vibrant tapestry woven from a diverse range of influences, showcasing his eclectic tastes and varied inspirations. Foremost among these influences are iconic groups such as Outkast and Dungeon Family, whose groundbreaking contributions to hip-hop have deeply shaped his artistic vision. Likewise, the lyrical prowess of Black Star and the polished production of Pete Rock and CL Smooth have profoundly influenced his understanding of the genre.

Beyond the realm of hip-hop, Yelawolf’s musical journey is enriched by a wide spectrum of artists spanning multiple genres. He draws inspiration from the heavy riffs of Black Sabbath and the poignant storytelling of Johnny Cash, finding resonance in the raw emotion and authenticity of their work. The psychedelic soundscapes of the Doors and the ethereal melodies of Fleetwood Mac offer further insight into his eclectic tastes, while the boundary-pushing experimentation of Portishead adds layers of depth and complexity to his sonic palette.

Furthermore, Yelawolf’s admiration for pioneering groups like N.W.A. underscores his appreciation for bold and provocative storytelling within the hip-hop genre. By synthesizing these diverse influences, Yelawolf has crafted a unique and multifaceted sound that defies easy classification. This distinctive blend resonates with audiences worldwide, solidifying his reputation as a dynamic and innovative artist in the music industry.

Personal Life

In 2013, Yelawolf entered into an engagement with singer-songwriter Fefe Dobson, marking the beginning of a significant chapter in their lives. Their relationship flourished, resulting in the joyous arrival of three children. After years of shared experiences and building a family together, the couple exchanged vows in 2019, affirming their enduring commitment to one another in marriage.


  • CreekWater (Album, 2005)
  • Let’s Roll (Song, 2011)
  • Till It’s Gone (Song, 2015)
  • Love Story (Album, 2015)
  • Row Your Boat (Song, 2017)

Yelawolf Social Media Accounts

InstagramAlmost 1.1M FollowersCheck Out
FacebookAlmost 2.3M FollowersCheck Out
YouTubeAlmost 2.33M SubscribersCheck Out
LinkedInN/ACheck Out
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Yelawolf, originally named Michael Wayne Atha, was born on December 30, 1979, in Gadsden, Alabama. He has earned acclaim as a distinguished American rapper, singer, and songwriter. His ascent to fame commenced with the release of his breakthrough EP “Trunk Muzik” in 2010, swiftly followed by a significant record deal with Eminem’s Shady Records the subsequent year. Throughout his illustrious career, Yelawolf has consistently demonstrated his versatility and lyrical prowess through a series of well-received albums, collaborations, and mixtapes. With an estimated net worth of $4 million, Yelawolf has firmly established himself as a prominent figure in the rap scene, drawing inspiration from a wide range of musical influences and leaving an enduring impact on the industry.

People Also Ask

Q: What is Yelawolf’s net worth?

A: Yelawolf’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million, as of 2024.

Q: When was Yelawolf born?

A: Yelawolf was born on December 30, 1979.

Q: Where is Yelawolf from?

A: Yelawolf hails from Gadsden, Alabama, United States.

Q: Who is Yelawolf married to?

A: Yelawolf is married to singer-songwriter Fefe Dobson.

Q: How many children does Yelawolf have?

A: Yelawolf and Fefe Dobson have three children together.

Q: What are some of Yelawolf’s notable songs and albums?

A: Some of Yelawolf’s notable songs and albums include “Let’s Roll,” “Till It’s Gone,” “Love Story,” and “Row Your Boat.”

Q: What are Yelawolf’s social media accounts?

A: Yelawolf’s social media accounts include Instagram (with almost 1.1 million followers), Facebook (with almost 2.3 million followers), and YouTube (with almost 2.33 million subscribers).

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