Who is Ken Goldin’s wife

Who is Ken Goldin’s wife? The businessman’s marriage to Jennifer Goldin, Biography, Career and Know Everything About Jennifer Goldin

Ken Goldin is a prominent figure in the sports memorabilia and collectibles scene. He’s widely recognized for his expertise and passion for sports cards. Goldin Auctions, the company he founded, has gained significant attention for its sales of sports memorabilia, reaching billions of dollars in value. Ken is not only a successful entrepreneur but also a familiar face on television, where he shares his knowledge and enthusiasm for collecting sports items. His journey in the industry is filled with interesting details that shed light on his career and achievements.

Real NameJennifer Goldin
Ex-spouseKen Goldin
Date of birth1964
Jennifer Goldin Age58 years old 
Known forwife of Ken Goldin

Who is Ken Goldin’s Wife?

Who is Ken Goldin’s wife? Jenn Goldin, the wife of Ken Goldin, is a licensed clinical psychologist known for her expertise in the field. For over a decade, she has been at the helm of Palm Beach Women’s Consulting, offering valuable guidance and support to her clients. Earlier in her career, she lent her skills as a consultant to various companies, showcasing her versatility and dedication to her profession.

Despite being a private person, Ken Goldin occasionally shares glimpses of his life with his wife on social media platforms. While he hasn’t openly discussed his marriage in public, he doesn’t shy away from posting pictures of his beloved partner. The couple has been together for a considerable period, although the exact date of their wedding remains undisclosed.

Despite Ken’s busy schedule, he prioritizes spending quality time with his family, reflecting their strong bond and commitment to each other.

Ken and Jenn Goldin Married Life

Ken and Jenn have been in a long-term relationship, leading to their marriage, which may not come as a surprise to those who know them. However, Ken’s marital history reveals that Jenn is his second wife, following his divorce from his first wife. The reasons behind his previous divorce remain undisclosed.

The couple shares two children together, adding to their family dynamics. Ken’s first marriage also resulted in the birth of a daughter. Despite Ken’s reluctance to openly discuss his relationship with Jennifer, she is often spotted accompanying him at his shows and events.

Although Ken and Jenn keep their relationship relatively private, photos of them together suggest a strong and affectionate bond. Any public acknowledgment of their relationship by Ken could prompt swift adjustments in how their dynamic is perceived.

Jennifer Goldin Career 

Jennifer Goldin is a compassionate and licensed Hospice Worker, contributing her expertise to Hospice, Inc. Her career in social work began with a pivotal role as a Foster social worker at Youth Services Inc. from 1992 to 1996, where she laid the groundwork for her empathetic approach to the profession.

Seeking opportunities for professional growth, Jennifer expanded her horizons by becoming an Activities Assistant at Lions Gate CCRC in Voorhees, New Jersey. In this role, she demonstrated her versatility within the field, engaging with individuals in diverse capacities.

Jennifer’s commitment to her chosen path is reflected in her educational achievements. In 1990, she earned her Master of Social Work (MSW) degree from The University, equipping her with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of social work.

Currently serving as a Social Worker at Caring Hospice, Jennifer continues to exhibit her unwavering dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of those she serves. Through her professional journey, Jennifer Goldin exemplifies a passion for helping others and a steadfast commitment to the field of social work.

Ken and Jenn’s Children

Ken and Jenn’s Children

Ken Goldin has three children: Laura, Paul, and Carleigh. Laura is from his previous marriage to Laura, while Paul and Carleigh are younger, aged 9 and 5 respectively. In 2023, Ken Goldin and his daughter Laura made their debut on the Netflix series “King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch.”

The show sheds light on Ken’s life and his passion for sports memorabilia, featuring his close relationship with Laura. On-screen, they share a playful dynamic, often exchanging jokes and banter. The series also delves into personal moments, including discussions about Ken’s proposal to Jennifer, Laura’s mother, during a previous trip to Puerto Rico.

While the show highlights their father-daughter bond, it also touches upon the breakup between Ken and Laura’s mother, adding depth to their family narrative.

Jennifer Goldin Height and Weight

While specific details regarding Jennifer Goldin’s height and weight are not readily available, observations from online photos suggest that she appears to be approximately 5 feet 4 inches tall, with an estimated weight of around 65 kilograms. These estimations are based on visual cues and provide a general idea of her physical stature. Descriptions often mention her brown hair and captivating black eyes, which contribute to her overall charm and presence.

It’s important to note the limitations of such estimations, as they are based on casual observations rather than precise measurements. Without verified information, these approximations offer only speculative insights into Jennifer Goldin’s appearance. This underscores the importance of relying on accurate and confirmed data for a more comprehensive understanding of her physical attributes.

Jennifer Goldin HeightApproximately 5 feet 4 inches
WeightAround 65 kg
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourBlack

Jennifer Goldin Parents 

Jennifer Goldin hails from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, where her parents, Sheila and Lawrence Altaker, have established themselves as esteemed members of the community. Sheila, aged 85, remains actively engaged in Altaker & Freidlander Insurance, showcasing her lifelong dedication to her professional pursuits. Meanwhile, Lawrence, now 86, boasts a remarkable career spanning over six decades as a specialist in Hanover, PA. His extensive experience underscores his commitment and expertise in his field.

According to Health Grades records, Lawrence pursued his academic endeavors at THOMAS UNIVERSITY, where he obtained his degree in 1962. This educational achievement served as a cornerstone for Lawrence’s successful career, molding him into the accomplished professional he is today.

Growing up in such a dynamic and accomplished family undoubtedly shaped Jennifer’s values and aspirations. The achievements of her parents stand as a testament to their hard work, determination, and pursuit of excellence, serving as an inspiration for Jennifer to forge her own path with equal fervor and dedication.

Ken Goldin Career 

Ken Goldin’s journey into entrepreneurship began during his formative years when he used his allowance to purchase sports packs, igniting a passion for collecting sports-related items. This early interest laid the foundation for his future career in the sports memorabilia industry.

In 1986, shortly after completing his post-graduation studies, Ken teamed up with his father, Paul, to establish The Score Board LLC. Together, they focused on sports-related memorabilia, offering consumers autographed cards featuring their favorite athletes. This venture marked a significant milestone in Ken’s professional journey, allowing him to delve deeper into the world of collectibles and memorabilia.

Ken Goldin Success and Achievements

Ken Goldin’s journey in the realm of sports memorabilia and collectibles stands as a testament to his remarkable achievements. Through auctions totaling over $1 billion, he has facilitated the sale of items associated with iconic sports figures, significant historical events, and pop culture phenomena. The company he founded, Goldin Auctions, has gained widespread acclaim for its high-profile auctions, including the sale of items like Mike Trout’s rookie card for $3.93 million and a limited edition LeBron James card for $2.4 million.

Ken’s impact in the industry has earned him regular appearances on national television networks. Whether he’s offering insights on Fox Business, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, ESPN, or other channels, Ken provides valuable perspectives on the ever-evolving world of collectibles. His expertise and passion for the industry shine through in his appearances, establishing him as a trusted authority in the realm of sports memorabilia.

Jennifer Goldin & Ken Goldin Net Worth

At present, Jennifer’s net worth remains undisclosed to the public. However, market reports shed light on Ken Goldin’s considerable financial standing, which is estimated to exceed $200 million. His company, Goldin Auctions, has evidently experienced notable success, with reports indicating that it generated over $800,000 in its inaugural year and accumulated a total revenue of $200 million.

These figures underscore the significant achievements and financial prosperity that Ken Goldin has achieved within the sports memorabilia industry. His entrepreneurial prowess and the success of Goldin Auctions highlight his impact and influence in the field. While Jennifer’s financial details are not publicly available, Ken’s accomplishments serve as a testament to his entrepreneurial acumen and the success of his ventures.

Interesting Facts About Ken Goldin Wife

  • Ken Goldin, a prominent figure in the sports memorabilia industry, has amassed a fortune exceeding $200 million through ventures such as Goldin Auctions.
  • His collaboration with Netflix resulted in the creation of the reality show “The Golden Touch,” which showcased his business success to a wider audience.
  • Interestingly, Ken’s former spouse, Jennifer Goldin, shares the same name as his current wife, adding a unique layer to his personal life.
  • Despite their divorce, Ken and Jennifer Goldin have successfully raised two children, Laura and Lindsey Goldin, highlighting their commitment to family.
  • Jennifer Goldin, born in December 1964, is currently 58 years old, reflecting a lifetime of experiences and personal growth.
  • Visual estimations from online photos suggest Jennifer is approximately 5 feet 4 inches tall, weighs around 65 kilograms, and has brown hair and black eyes. However, such estimations should be viewed with caution due to their speculative nature.


Ken Goldin’s journey in the sports memorabilia industry showcases his resilience and entrepreneurial skills. With a net worth exceeding $200 million, he’s a prominent figure, highlighted by ventures like Goldin Auctions. His collaboration with Netflix on “The Golden Touch” elevates his success, offering insights into the sports collectibles world. Despite personal complexities, like his former spouse and current wife sharing the same name, Ken and Jennifer Goldin remain committed to family. At 58, Jennifer embodies a journey filled with experiences and growth, adding depth to their shared narrative. While visual estimations offer some insight into Jennifer’s appearance, caution is warranted due to their limitations. Overall, Ken’s story inspires aspiring entrepreneurs and collectors, emphasizing the power of passion, dedication, and determination in achieving success.


Q: Who is Ken Goldin?

A: Ken Goldin is a well-known personality in the sports memorabilia industry, recognized for his successful ventures like Goldin Auctions.

Q: What is Ken Goldin’s net worth?

A: Ken Goldin’s net worth exceeds $200 million, reflecting his accomplishments in the sports memorabilia market.

Q: What is “The Golden Touch”?

A: “The Golden Touch” is a reality show available on Netflix that follows Ken Goldin’s journey of business success and entrepreneurship.

Q: Who is Jennifer Goldin?

A: Jennifer Goldin is Ken Goldin’s former spouse, sharing the same name as his current wife. Together, they have two accomplished children.

Q: How old is Jennifer Goldin?

A: Jennifer Goldin was born in December 1964, making her currently 58 years old, with a wealth of experiences and personal growth.

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