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Tyrus Net Worth: Parents, Age, Personal Life, etc.

What is Tyrus Net Worth?

American actor, political commentator, and wrestler Tyrus net worth has a $2 million net worth. Famous for wrestling as Brodus Clay in WWE.

Boston native Tyrus was born in February 1973. He wrestled for Florida Championship Wrestling after signing with WWE developmental territory Deep South Wrestling in 2006. Tyrus debuted in WWE as Funkasaurus in 2011. Tyrus wrestled in TNA from 2014 to 2017. He joined The Greg Gutfeld Show on Fox News in 2016. Tyrus hosted Fox Nation’s Un-PC and Nuff Said. Tyrus debuted in No One Lives, Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery, and Supercon. He also appeared in Total Divas, Outnumbered, Fox & Friends, GLOW, MacGyver, and more.

Tyrus Overview

Net Worth$2 million
Real NameGeorge Murdoch
Date of BirthFebruary 21, 1973
Age49 years old
Place of BirthBoston, Massachusetts
Height2.04 m
Weight170 kg
Source of IncomeWrestling Profession

Tyrus (wrestler)

George Murdoch, known as Tyrus, is an American cable news host, actor, and former professional wrestler. He is currently with the NWA, a major professional wrestling promotion.

Tyrus was NWA World Television Champion and World Heavyweight Champion. His professional wrestling skills are shown by these achievements.

Tyrus has excelled in cable news as well as wrestling, demonstrating his flexibility. His diverse career shows his versatility in the entertainment business.

Tyrus early life  and his parents

George Murdoch, known as Tyrus, has discussed his complicated family background and childhood struggles. Murdoch’s multiracial upbringing was challenging. His mother was white and his father black.

Murdoch’s father was older and their connection struggled at a young age. Murdoch said that his father’s behaviours, including being punched in the eye, caused his mother to leave the relationship. Murdoch faced societal attitudes and racial dynamics that worsened the situation.

Murdoch stayed with a foster family for a while after his parents divorced. He fought a desire to change his skin colour to return to his family. Family relationships and cultural forces can greatly affect self-perception.

Murdoch found his mother and sibling despite the obstacles. His familial circumstances were complicated, but he left at 15 to forge his own way.

This personal narrative shows Murdoch’s persistence and courage in overcoming adversity, which helped him become Tyrus.

Tyrus Biography

Tyrus, born George Murdoch, was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on February 21, 1980. His parents are African-American and Caucasian, and he was raised in the US. His birth sign is Pisces, and he is Christian.

In high school, Tyrus attended Quartz High School in Los Angeles County. His education continues at Antelope Valley College in 1992. Interested in teaching, he enrolled at the University of Nebraska in 1995.

Tyrus’s family background is complicated. His parents were 19 and 15, respectively. In 2018, Tyrus disclosed that his father had abused him and his mother. His parents split after his father hit one of his eyes.

This memoir reveals Tyrus’s early struggles and how family relationships affected his adulthood.

Who is Tyrus’ wife?

Tyrus, a famous wrestler, actor, and political commentator, is happily married to fitness fanatic and entrepreneur Ingrid Rinck. Ingrid founded and runs Sensible Meals, a meal prep company that promotes healthy weight loss.

The couple had a March 2014 daughter, Georgie Jane Murdoch. Tyrus has two further children from a prior relationship, but their names are unknown.

Entrepreneurship has earned Ingrid Rinck an estimated $2.5 million. Despite their public careers, Tyrus and Ingrid’s marriage proposal year is unknown. Still, the pair has a strong marriage.

Tyrus Career

Tyrus, born George Murdoch, is an American wrestler, entertainer, and media personality. Overview of his noteworthy ventures:

  • Tyrus presently holds the title of NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion in his first reign in the NWA. After joining the NWA in 2021, he became World Television Champion.
  • Tyrus performed in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA, now Impact Wrestling) from 2014 until 2017 under the ring name Tyrus. He became Ethan Carter III’s bodyguard and fought several feuds.
  • During his time in WWE, Tyrus wrestled until his exit in 2014. Brodus Clay, aka “The Funkasaurus,” was a prominent WWE character.
  • In addition to wrestling, Tyrus has sought an acting career. He appeared in “No One Lives” (2012), “Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery” (2014), “Enuattii” (2017), “Supercon” (2017), and “Stand On It” (2020).
  • In 2022, Tyrus published his autobiography, “Just Tyrus: A Memoir.” It was a New York Times bestseller, demonstrating his storytelling ability beyond wrestling and acting.

Tyrus Social Media Accounts

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Tyrus Achievements and Awards

Tyrus, aka Brodus Clay, is a successful American professional wrestler with many awards. Among his achievements are:

  • FLCW Heavyweight Championship: Tyrus won the FCW Heavyweight Championship, demonstrating his wrestling skills.
  • Wrestling Observer Newsletter Rookie of the Year (2010): In 2010, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter named Tyrus Rookie of the Year for his amazing rookie year.
  • 2012 WWE Funkasaurus and Tag Team Championship Run: Tyrus brought the Funkasaurus gimmick to WWE, making him more interesting. He won a tag team championship with Tensai during this time.
  • Tyrus won the TNA Impact Grand Championship, demonstrating his versatility and prowess in the ring.
  • Tyrus and Ethan Carter III (EC3) won the TNA World Tag Team Championship.
  • Tyrus won the GFW Global Championship, renamed the Impact World Championship, to continue his championship run.
  • Tyrus is famous in television as well as wrestling. His Fox News “The Greg Gutfeld Show” co-hosting and regular contributions demonstrate his charisma and ability. Tyrus has also written on politics and ran for California’s 36th congressional district as a Republican in 2021.

Favorite Quotes from Tyrus 

“I think if I was like Fred Astaire out there or like break dance fighting and doing crazy splits and stuff like that, people would be like, ‘ehhhh, I’m just going to watch him,’ but the fact that they’re like, ‘I can do that,’ it’s fun, and I think they lose themselves Tyrus

Make America Great Again was a political slogan. I think Ronald Reagan used it. It was about uniting and enhancing America. Unfortunately, 10% of Trump voters disagree. They’ve adopted “Make America White Again.” Tyrus

Vince McMahon asked Triple H, ‘Are you sure he’s a heel? No idea. Funny guy. They approached me and said, “You can say no, but here’s what we’re looking at.” He wanted me to be a babyface. Funkasaurus is the fastest way back on TV.” Tyrus

John Cena arrived in L.A. to perform with Snoop and asked, ‘What the hell are you doing here?’ Like, “You didn’t know?” I’m out. I’m bodyguarding again. He asked, “What?” That’s crazy! I said, “It’s fine.” Good to see you. Be grateful.” Tyrus

I never thought anyone could beat ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Paul Orndorff as a kid because Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan told me he was the toughest, Andre The Giant was bigger than life, and Hulk Hogan was incredible and dug deep. Tyrus

3 Life Lessons from Tyrus 

After learning about Tyrus’ net worth and achievement, let’s examine his lessons: 

1. Commit 

Those who devote, believe, and have fun will be respected.

2. Relax 

Getting mad is hard. Lots of energy.

3. Work It 

You will succeed if you are good at what you do regardless of the circumstances.


Finally, Tyrus, born George Murdoch, has shaped professional wrestling, entertainment, and media. Tyrus has shown resilience, versatility, and determination from his early hardships in a troubled household to his multifaceted personality. His acting, television presenting, and political commentary compliment his wrestling championships.

Tyrus’ projected $2 million net worth shows his financial success and versatility. His marriage to fitness entrepreneur Ingrid Rinck enhances his public presence. In his autobiography, “Just Tyrus: A Memoir,” Tyrus shows his narrative skills and ability to connect with people outside of wrestling.

Tyrus, a New York Times bestselling book, NWA World Heavyweight Champion, and Fox News contributor, continues to adapt and contribute to the entertainment business.


Q: Tyrus’ net worth?

A: American actor, political commentator, and wrestler Tyrus is worth at least $2 million.

Q: When was Tyrus born?

A: George Murdoch, known as Tyrus, is 49 years old and was born on February 21, 1973.

Q: What are Tyrus’ wrestling accomplishments?

A: Tyrus won the FCW Heavyweight Championship, was voted Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Rookie of the Year in 2010, and won WWE, TNA, and NWA championships.

Q: Who married Tyrus?

A: Tyrus married fitness fanatic and entrepreneur Ingrid Rinck. Georgie Jane Murdoch is their daughter.

Q: Tyrus’ non-wrestling career?

A: Tyrus has appeared in movies including “No One Lives” and “Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery.” He contributes to Fox News’ “The Greg Gutfeld Show” and discusses politics.

Q: The book “Just Tyrus: A Memoir” is about what?

A: “Just Tyrus: A Memoir” is Tyrus’ autobiography about his life, hardships, and successes. It was a 2022 New York Times bestseller.

Q: Any political involvement by Tyrus?

A: Tyrus ran as a Republican for California’s 36th congressional district in 2021, demonstrating his political involvement.

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