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Rocker Steiner Bio:  Rocker Steiner Arrested news real or fake?

The oldest and largest US rodeo organization, the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA), is the sport’s top organization. The Colorado Springs-based PRCA sanctions men’s rodeo events, manages competitions, and honors outstanding performers.

National Finals Rodeo (NFR) and National Finals Steer Roping (NFSR) are the PRCA’s main events. The NFR, a rodeo highlight, crowns champions in bareback riding, steer wrestling, team roping, saddle bronc riding, tie-down roping, bull riding, and barrel racing. The Women’s Professional Rodeo Association oversees NFR barrel racing finals.

In at least two competitions, the All-Around Champion earns the most prize money and shows versatility. This award recognizes the recipient’s versatility in rodeo.

Champions in roughstock events are both competent riders and bucking livestock. The “Stock of the Year” in bareback, saddle bronc, and bull riding goes to the best animals.

In addition to these events and championships, the PRCA presents NFR prizes for achievement. Timed-event prizes include AQHA/PRCA Horse of the Year and Top NFR Bucking Stock.

The prestigious ProRodeo Hall of Fame inducts new members each year to honor the sport’s superstars. This hall honors notable individuals and livestock for their lasting impact on professional rodeo.

The PRCA world championships are the greatest honors in rodeo, recognizing participants’ effort, ability, and contributions. Celebrities and animals are inducted into the ProRodeo Hall of Fame to preserve their legacy for future generations. The PRCA continues to shape and advance US professional rodeo.

Who is Rocker Steiner?

Who is Rocker Steiner?

Pro rodeo bareback rider Rocker Steiner from Weatherford, Texas, has proven himself. He is well-known in rodeo, especially for qualifying twice for the National Finals Rodeo.

Steiner excels at bareback riding, as shown by his 2022 triumphs. His victories at the Calgary Stampede and Strawberry Days Rodeo demonstrate his consistency and excellence in this difficult rodeo discipline.

Rocker Steiner continues the rodeo history of his grandfather, Bobby Steiner, a world-champion bull rider, and his father, Sid Steiner, the Steer Wrestling World Champion. Rocker Steiner’s rodeo accomplishments honor the family and show his passion and skill.

Rocker Steiner is popular on social media outside the stadium. His Instagram account, rocker_steiner, has over 120,000 followers. Steiner shares his rodeo career and daily life through articles and videos. Fans may relate to him online and admire his dedication and skill in bareback riding.

His family lineage, great talent, and engaging social media presence help Rocker Steiner remain a prominent and admired personality in professional rodeo.

Rocker Steiner Age

Sagittarius Rocker Steiner, 20, was born December 18, 2003. Originally from Texas, he became a famous bareback rodeo rider at an early age.

Rocker Steiner’s 2022 National Finals Rodeo triumph solidified his rodeo stardom. The Calgary Stampede and Riggin Rally Xtreme Broncos were among his other notable successes.

Rocker Steiner’s Instagram account, rocker_steiner, has over 120,000 followers and shares his life and rodeo career. He shares his bareback rodeo adventures and highlights on this website.

Steiner began wakeboarding aged three before becoming a rodeo star. His grandfather encouraged him to ride bucking horses at nine. His rodeo career was built on this early exposure and instruction.

Rocker Steiner’s family is rodeo-oriented. He continues rodeo prowess as the grandson of world champion bull rider Bobby Steiner and the son of Steer Wrestling World Champion Sid Steiner. In Weatherford, Texas, Rocker Steiner is affiliated with fellow bareback rodeo rider Kaycee Feild, solidifying his rodeo career.

Rocker Steiner, a rising rodeo star with a promising career, continues to impress audiences with his skill, passion, and accomplishments.

Rocker Steiner’s Early Life

Rocker Steiner's Early Life

Rocker Steiner was born in Texas on December 18, 2003. Early outdoor and sports exposure was notable in his childhood. He started wakeboarding at three, demonstrating his physical prowess and adventurous spirit.

Rocker Steiner’s grandfather gave him a crucial advice at nine. Encouraged by this advice, he tried bucking horses in rodeo. Early rodeo exposure set the stage for Rocker Steiner’s future success as a professional bareback rider.

The early support from his family, especially his grandfather, helped Rocker Steiner’s rodeo career. His early experiences helped him develop the skills, passion, and dedication that would make him a rodeo legend.

Rocker Steiner Career

Texas-born bareback rodeo rider Rocker Steiner is successful. His rodeo accomplishments have earned him fame and fans. One of his career highlights was winning the National Finals Rodeo in 2022, demonstrating his skills and competitive spirit.

Rocker Steiner has won other major rodeo events in addition to the National Finals Rodeo. In the same year, he won the Calgary Stampede and Riggin Rally Xtreme Broncos, solidifying his position in bareback riding.

Rocker Steiner knows how to tame bucking horses and rides fearlessly. His skill and precision in bareback riding have earned him praise in the rodeo community and a loyal fan base.

Rocker Steiner’s success and impact in rodeo cement his status as a legendary bareback rider, revered for his talent, determination, and arena performance.

  • Career earnings: $450,585
  • 2023 world standings place: 5th
  • 2023 Wrangler NFR standings place: 12th
  • 2023 Wrangler NFR earnings: $122,095
  • 2023 earnings: $265,218

Was Rocker Steiner Arrested at the Rodeo?

Reports of Rocker Steiner using obscene words on TV garnered headlines. Just after Steiner’s fourth-round Bareback Riding results were announced on December 5, this occurrence occurred.

He scored 84, placing 10th out of 15 bareback riders, but Twitter users said Steiner yelled at the judges after getting his result.

An official film about his journey does not show his reaction or any cursing witnesses saw. The incident occurred during the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association’s ten-day final cowboy and rodeo event, the season’s pinnacle.

Focus News contacted Rocker Steiner for comment on his alleged behaviour in 2022. Public reactions to the alleged rudeness varied. Others disapproved of his behaviour, but others supported him.

Twitter users had different ideas. The American rodeo rider was criticised for inappropriate behaviour, but others praised him, citing his passionate competitiveness. Despite the scandal, Rocker Steiner has not said anything about the incident, leaving fans and critics waiting.

Rocker Steiner Case Updates

Rocker Steiner was not arrested or imprisoned after the NFR 2022 event, arguing that such harsh punishments were unwarranted.

After the event, Steiner posted an Instagram photo on December 6. This was his first post since NFR 2022. He declared in the caption that he won’t lie. Steiner wore a yellow wig, sunglasses, and no shirt in the shot.

The intent of his comment is unclear. It could be a reference to the supposed swearing, indicating genuineness despite the debate. It could also mean keeping true to oneself and not conforming to expectations. As Rocker Steiner remains on social media amid inquiries about his rodeo behavior, his cryptic remark gives space for interpretation.

Career Highlights

Rodeo legend Rocker Steiner has excelled in bareback riding. Highlights of his 2022 and 2023 performances:

Fifth in 2023 PRCA | RAM World Standings with $265,218.

Outstanding performance at the NFR, earning $122,095.

Round 1 wins on Stace Smith Pro Rodeos’ Risky Business, Round 2 on Sankey Pro Rodeo & Phenom Genetics’ Mustard, and Round 9 on Land Of Fancy were notable at the NFR. Five-round finish.

Won the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo, Hood County Stampede, Elizabeth Stampede, Eagle Rodeo, Flagstaff Pro Rodeo, Livermore Rodeo, West of the Pecos, San Luis Valley Ski-Hi Stampede, Wild Bill Hickok, Magic Valley, RAM – Jim Baier Chute Out, Tri-State, and Lion’s Dixie Roundup.

Was Resistol Rookie of the Year in bareback riding.

Finished 10th globally with $185,367 season earnings.

Outstanding rookie performance in the NFR, finishing 12th in the average with 754.5 points on nine heads.

Selected for three NFR rounds, winning $51,039. With an 88.5-point ride on Wayne Vold Rodeo’s True Grit in Round 6, he won the round.

Won the Calgary Stampede, Riggin Rally Xtreme Broncs, Los Fresnos Rodeo, Sandhills Stock Show & Rodeo, Battle Born Broncs, Strawberry Days, Rodeo of The Ozarks, Last Chance Stampede, and Ellensburg Rodeo.

National Western Stock Show and Rodeo-Riding Events co-champion and Parker County Sheriff’s Posse Frontier Days and PRCA Rodeo champion.

These accomplishments demonstrate Rocker Steiner’s talent and success in the very competitive realm of bareback riding, cementing his emerging rodeo star status.

Is Rocker Steiner Gay? 

Since Rocker Steiner has not publicly stated his sexuality, conjecture and doubt surround his sexuality. After being photographed kissing another man in 2021, Rocker Steiner did neither confirm or deny the rumours.

His sexuality was further questioned by a cryptic Instagram post and a brief LGBTQ+ pride flag show. Rocker Steiner engaged Lena Jones in 2022 despite these signs. This development complicated talks about his sexual orientation, raising problems about bisexuality and privacy choices.

Discussions regarding personal life must be sensitive and private. Sexual orientation is confidential and may not be disclosed publicly. Instead of rumours or guesswork, rely on official declarations or updates from the parties concerned in unclear situations. Discussing personal lives requires respecting decisions and privacy.

All-Around NFR Average Champions

  • 2023 No average champion
  • 2022 Stetson Wright, Milford, Utah
  • 2021 Stetson Wright, Milford, Utah, $585,850
  • 2020 Stetson Wright, Milford, Utah
  • 2019 Stetson Wright, Milford, Utah
  • 2018 Trevor Brazile, Decatur, Texas, 335,680
  • 2017 Tuf Cooper, Weatherford, Texas, 341,560
  • 2016 Junior Nogueira, Presidente Prudente, São Paulo, Brazil, 231,728
  • 2015 Trevor Brazile, Decatur, Texas, 518,011
  • 2014 Trevor Brazile, Decatur, Texas, 191,250
  • 2013 Trevor Brazile, Decatur, Texas, 170,823
  • 2012 Trevor Brazile, Decatur, Texas, 82,841
  • 2011 Trevor Brazile, Decatur, Texas, 106,250
  • 2010 Trevor Brazile, Decatur, Texas, 211,509
  • 2009 Josh Peek, Pueblo, Colorado, 113,802
  • 2008 Trevor Brazile, Decatur, Texas, 149,098
  • 2007 Trevor Brazile, Decatur, Texas, 139,614
  • 2006 Joe Beaver, Huntsville, Texas, 127,914
  • 2005 Ryan Jarrett, Summerville, Georgia, 114,718
  • 2004 Trevor Brazile, Decatur, Texas, 55,774
  • 2003 Trevor Brazile, Decatur, Texas, 79,539

Sissy Winn won the first round of Wrangler National Finals Rodeo barrel racing, impacting the standings despite hurdles. Seven of 15 barrel racers knocked barrels in Round 1 on December 8. Winn won, starting her second NFR on a positive note. Multiple barrel racers hit barrels in the first round down Thomas & Mack alley. Brittany Tonozzi of Lampasas, Texas, led the group with a 13.75-second run. After winning Rounds 1 and 2 of bareback riding at the National Finals Rodeo, Rocker Steiner became a popular figure. Steiner took advantage of the opportunity to improve rankings before the NFR by scoring an 87.0 in Round 1 on Risky Business. His early accomplishment made him a notable bareback riding contender.

Personal life

Personal life

Rocker Steiner, 5-7 and 150 pounds, is a rodeo legend. Having grown up in the dust and excitement of rodeo, he was inspired by the spirit of competition. A 2002 PRCA Steer Wrestling World Champion, his father Sid Steiner has a rich rodeo history. In 2000, his mother, Jamie, qualified for the National Finals Rodeo in barrel racing, setting a high standard for family success.

Rodeo is a family tradition. In barrel racing, Rocker’s sister Steely has followed in the family’s equestrian tradition. Bobby, Rocker’s grandfather, was a skilled bull rider. Bobby won the PRCA Bull Riding World Championship in 1973 after qualifying for the NFR in 1970, 1971, and 1973. Since Buck Steiner, Bobby’s grandfather, became a pioneering RCA stock contractor in central Texas in the 1930s, the Steiner Rodeo Company in Austin, Texas, has been a family legacy.

Rocker Steiner shows his personal tastes and experiences outside the arena. He admires Taylor Sheridan’s television work and loves “Young Guns” as a Western fan. Jimmy John’s is his favourite fast-food spot, while Olive Garden is a roadside favourite. Rocker spent seven years as a professional wakeboarder before entering rodeo, demonstrating his versatility and fearlessness.

After switching to bareback riding, Rocker sought advice from ProRodeo Hall of Famer Ty Murray, demonstrating his dedication. His musical tastes include Ratt, demonstrating his love of classics. Rocker considers Kid Rock the coolest guy he’s met, adding to his rodeo heritage and diverse experiences.

Rocker Steiner Parents

Rocker Steiner’s rodeo career was shaped by his famous parents, Sid and Jamie Steiner. Rocker was born in 2003 in Weatherford, Texas, where rodeo was a lifestyle. Sid Steiner, his father, became the 2002 Steer Wrestling World Champion, demonstrating the Steiner family’s skill and passion to rodeo. In 2000, Rocker’s mother, Jamie, qualified for the National Finals Rodeo for barrel racing, adding to the family’s outstanding list of accomplishments.

Taking the Steiner name implies inheriting a great rodeo heritage. The world champion bull rider Bobby Steiner, Rocker’s grandfather, represents this legacy. Sid followed his father’s lead and became a steer wrestling champion.

Behind the stadium dust and excitement, Rocker Steiner has embraced the internet era and become a major social media presence. Over 120,000 followers follow his Instagram account, rocker_steiner, to see his rodeo career and daily life. Rocker chronicles his bareback riding career in entertaining posts and videos, winning acclaim for his unwavering passion and expertise in rodeo.

Rocker continues the Steiner family’s legacy on the rodeo ring and online, engaging fans. Rocker Steiner honors his family with each ride and post while navigating the ever-changing rodeo world.

Rocker Steiner Wife 

Unmarried Rocker Steiner is happily in a relationship with Stormie Goldsmith. At bareback riding events, the couple has been seen enjoying each other’s company. Rocker has released photos of Stormie on Instagram, showing their relationship. Through these shared moments, Rocker shows fans his delight and connection with Stormie Goldsmith outside of the rodeo arena.


  • The spectacular year of 2022 saw Rocker Steiner dominate the rodeo circuit by winning key contests. He won the Calgary Stampede with his bareback riding talents. Rocker won the Battle Born Broncos, Strawberry Days Rodeo, and Riggin Rally Xtreme Broncos, increasing to his title collection.
  • Out of the arena, Rocker posts his thrilling rides on TikTok, “rocker_steiner.” He shows followers his risky bareback riding performances in captivating videos. In each post, Rocker cements his rodeo championship status and invites followers inside his exciting world of passion and skill on TikTok.

FAQs about Rocker Steiner:

Q: Rocker Steiner began rodeoing how?

A: His grandfather suggested Rocker Steiner attempt bucking horses at nine, starting his rodeo career. He started wakeboarding at three.

Q: Rocker Steiner’s career highlights?

A: Rocker Steiner won the Resistol Rookie of the Year Award in bareback riding in 2022, won top events such the Calgary Stampede and Riggin Rally Xtreme Broncos, and finished fifth in the 2023 PRCA | RAM World Standings.

Q: What are Rocker Steiner’s NFR accomplishments?

A: Rocker Steiner placed 12th in the 2023 NFR collecting $122,095. He won Round 1 and Round 2 at the NFR with 87-point rides on Risky Business and 88.5-point rides on Mustard.

Q: Does Rocker Steiner have rodeo kin?

A: Rocker Steiner’s family is rodeo-focused. His father, Sid Steiner, was the Steer Wrestling World Champion, and his grandpa, Bobby Steiner, was a bull rider. Steiner Rodeo was founded by his family.

Q: How is Rocker Steiner on social media?

A: Rocker Steiner has a large Instagram following (@rocker_steiner), where he posts about his rodeo career and life. He has over 120,000 platform followers.

Q: Has Rocker Steiner wed?

A: Rocker Steiner’s not married. However, he is dating Stormie Goldsmith.

Q: How old is Rocker Steiner?

A: Born December 18, 2003, Rocker Steiner is a Sagittarius 20 years old.

Q: Would Rocker Steiner confirm his sexuality?

A: Rocker Steiner’s sexuality is unknown. His 2022 engagement to Lena Jones defied rumors.


Rocker Steiner’s rise in professional rodeo has been spectacular, as he effortlessly masters bareback riding. Rocker effortlessly adds to his family’s rodeo legacy with incredible achievements and a rising fanbase.

His victories at the Calgary Stampede and Riggin Rally Xtreme Broncos demonstrate his skill and determination. These wins and his steady performances at the National Finals Rodeo have made Rocker Steiner a rising rodeo star.

Rocker has a loyal fanbase outside the arena due to his dedication and social media presence. His story is compelling and popular among rodeo lovers, who eagerly await each new chapter. As Rocker Steiner continues to create his path in the sport, his story rivets rodeo enthusiasts and supporters, offering excitement and anticipation for the spectacular rides ahead.

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