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Norma Gibson: Biography, Age, Height, Weight, And many more

Tyrese Gibson’s first wife, Norma gibson, is famous. Tyrese entertains well. Famous for his acting and R&B songs. Tyrese is famous for singing and starring as Roman Pearce in “Fast and Furious”.

Early Life, Biography, And Age Of  Norma Gibson

Interesting and varied is Norma Gibson’s background. Birth in 1981 London provides her a distinct cultural mix. She is naturally connected to her colourful and cosmopolitan hometown as a Brit. The international atmosphere of London may have shaped Norma’s views and experiences.

Her mother’s Israeli heritage enriches her. This Israeli influence makes Norma unique and complex. The rich history, traditions, and culture of Israel confuse Norma’s heritage. Her British and Israeli ancestry creates a distinct cultural tapestry.

Norma Gibson’s mixed-race background enhances her. Her mixed race and culture make her identity complicated. This intriguing combination reveals how many civilizations are interwoven and how beauty results.

Diversity is beautiful, as seen by Norma Gibson’s British, Israeli, and mixed-race heritage. Her narrative blends cultures, making it interesting and unique. Norma’s story emphasizes worldwide togetherness and the value of multiculturalism.


Full Name (Real Name)Norma Mitchell-Gibson
Height5 feet and 6 inch
Weight53 Kg
Measurement (Breast-Waist-Hips)34, 26, 34
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Date of BirthMarch 01, 1981
Age41 years old
Zodiac SignCancer
Birth PlaceLondon, UK
Current ResidenceUK
High SchoolNot revealed
CollegeNot revealed
OccupationModel, and Instagram Star
AwardsUnder research
Net Worth$ 1-3 Million
Annual IncomeWill be updated
FatherNot revealed
MotherNot revealed
BrotherNot revealed
SisterNot revealed
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse(s)Tyrese Gibson (divorced)

Norma Gibson Career

Norma Gibson got recognized through her relationship with Tyrese Gibson, not her own work. Their 2018 child support lawsuit drawn attention to Norma’s unorthodox approach to her duties.

Tyrese had to pay child support, per divorce. It was notable because Norma Gibson refused to work despite the court’s injunction. This raised concerns, especially given their child’s financial demands.

An unforeseen legal dispute arose. Norma’s lawyers supplied documents indicating her seven hours caring for their baby were productive. This unconventional attitude to labor questioned childrearing norms.

Her lawyers filed documentation highlighting the needs and necessity of her caregiving duties, changing the legal process. It complicated parental finances and drawn notice for its novel method.

The audience was intrigued by Norma’s unconventional method, according to court documents. The event highlighted their complicated court battle and unexpected child support claims.

Norma Gibson may not be a public figure, but her unconventional approach to caring for Tyrese Gibson sparked public interest in her life and the courts.

Norma Gibson Personal Life

Tyrese Gibson married Norma Gibson in 2007. Tyrese sings and acts in “Fast & Furious”. Tyrese’s fame made his relationship with Shayla Gibson famous.

Their marriage had many issues, most of which were hidden until their 2009 divorce. In 2015, Norma Gibson announced their custody and marriage mistreatment claims.

Their difficult divorce was covered by numerous American newspapers. For their beloved daughter, the former couple battled a protracted legal battle. Tyrese Gibson despised Shayla’s mother’s interim custody. The court found that Tyrese hired a private investigator to spy on his ex-wife and child.

While pregnant with Shayla, Mrs. Gibson reported physical abuse. Her ex-husband brutally battered their daughter. Tyrese scolded Shayla but denied her other claims.

The custody agreement required Tyrese to keep 100 yards from his ex-wife and child.

Tyrese Gibson said he married Norma in 2017 to ensure her citizenship, not because they were happy. He advised London-born Norma to be near their child.

This complicated narrative involves marriage, celebrity, lawsuits, and confessions.

When Did Tyrese And Norma Gibson First Meet?

Fate connected the actor’s ex-wife with Tyrese in 2002 while studying in London. Her academic concentration has been kept secret. The two spirits linked at this point, starting a loving adventure.

A courtship that sparked their love led to life-changing decisions. After meeting Tyrese, Norma decided to move to Los Angeles with him. This decision began a stage in which Norma Gibson and her boyfriend quietly built their connection.

As their love grew, the pair decided to upgrade their relationship. This growth culminated in a 2007 private wedding that sanctified their love.

Norma and her ex-husband chose to keep their marriage private, but they did appear together in public.

After the birth of their daughter Shayla Gibson in the same year, their story changed. The harmony of their marriage faded, casting shadows on their love.

The couple ended their official marriage in 2009 after a period of growing strife.

Their story exemplifies the intricacy of human relationships, from fortuitous beginnings to the rich tapestry of emotions that linked them and ultimately broke them up.

Norma Gibson’s Age, Height, And Weight

Life has been hard for 42-year-old Norma Gibson. The 5’7″ woman weights 117 pounds. Her face is appealing and statuesque, meeting the highest beauty criteria.

Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight53 kg
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBlack
Hair TypeCurly
Body Measurements35 – 29 – 36

Magnetic Norma’s allure may enhance a model’s face. Her face features come together to seem remarkable. She has intriguing eyebrows and eyes.

Norma’s dark wavy hair represents her life. Her curls show her strength and drive. Her thick hair and brown eyes show her experiences.

Not only her appearance reveals her soul. Health and wellness are evident in Norma’s figure. Impressive self-care shows in her body.

Norma Gibson was destined for Hollywood after marrying an actor. Celebrity marriage’s ups and downs have enriched her story.

Norma Gibson’s life is painted by each year and story.

The Full Norma Gibson, the ex-wife of Tyrese Gibson

Media flocked to Norma Mitchell when her marriage to Tyrese Gibson made her famous. Norma Gibson remarried Tyrese Gibson after divorcing.

Norma became famous as Tyrese Gibson’s wife. Her and Tyrese’s journey to comprehend their relationship captivated the world.

Norma’s second marriage began with strife. Verbal abuse, conflicts, and harassment led to her divorce from her first spouse. Tyrese Gibson’s renewal began.

Their alliance had longstanding issues. Despite their greatest efforts and goals, their second marriage ended due to bonding issues. Their shared expectations, experiences, and history strained their relationship.

Norma and Tyrese Gibson married in 2007 and had Shayla. Their relationship struggled despite their child’s birth. After their daughter was born, their relationship ended a few months later.

A chapter of shared ambitions and objectives ended with the painful parting. Tyrese Gibson and Norma Mitchell’s relationship shows the nuances of relationships, including its ups and downs, hardships, and the tremendous impact of individual actions on two intertwined lives.

Tyrese Gibson’s Daughter Shayla Somer Gibson Belongs to Him.

Tyrese and Norma Gibson fought over Shayla after their 2014 divorce. Their rocky connection revolves around their daughter following divorce.

Tyrese and Norma’s custody battle for troublesome daughter Shayla has been well covered. Their competing claims to care for their child fascinate the public. Who raises the girl is decided by the courts.

In this situation, emotions and legislation impede justice. A notable study shows Tyrese Gibson is upset with the 2014 custody deal that gave Norma custody. He considers it unjust. He was further upset by Norma Gibson’s claimed disregard for court-ordered child-care.

To vacation abroad, Norma Gibson left her 11-year-old daughter with a trusted friend in their gated community early in January. Tyrese says that Norma “turned over” custody of his kid to her friend before she travelled abroad for her protection in a recent court filing.

Tyrese Gibson bravely offered to care their child while her mother was abroad. His position is difficult despite his attempts. Norma neglected their needed child for numerous reasons. Their complex parental responsibilities and daughter’s emotional needs, which often surpass legal limitations, aggravate their dilemma.

Divorce, legal issues, and parental love complicate custody disputes. Their narrative shows how difficult it is to balance individual rights, family obligations, and collective decisions.

Where Is Norma Gibson Now?

Norma Gibson faded after her custody fight with “Fast and Furious” actor. Tyrese remarried Samantha Lee in 2017.

Their relationship deteriorated after having Soraya Lee Gibson, culminating to their December 2020 divorce.

Jaleel White of “Family Matters” praises Norma Gibson and Tyrese live. His custody fight with Bridget Hardy is bitter.

Stories changed, resulting in shared culpability. Bridget Hardy and Jaleel White guide Samaya White through life.

These stories examine the complex interplay between personal issues, courts, and relationships. These stories demonstrate how one person’s choices and hardships affect many. They address blended families, balance, growth, and adversity.

What is the Net worth of Norma Gibson?

The fortune of Norma Gibson is unknown, however her ex-husband Tyrese received $3 million in 2022. Music, film, and TV star Tyrese Darnell Gibson is multitalented. Tyrese works in music, acting, and business.

Tyrese’s 2022 career net worth is $3 million. Project income, investments, and financing affect wealth.

Entertainment and entrepreneurship suit Tyrese. Businesses helped him financially.

Norma Gibson’s finances are unclear, but divorced persons generally have separate finances. Norma may be supported by income or investments. Public statements or financial filings are more reliable than celebrity net worths.

Fun Facts

  • In November 2017, Shayla’s mother Norma Gibson and father received custody in Los Angeles.
  • Kaufman that Norma Gibson and her ex-husband share custody in January 2018.
  • Ezoic Norma Gibson denied solo work. Norma and Tyrese quarrel after divorce.
  • According to TMZ, the Fast & Furious actor contested Norma Gibson’s attorney expenses but not child support.
  • After divorce, Norma Gibson hasn’t discussed her life.


Finally, Norma Gibson’s life is a tapestry of cultural influences and achievements and obstacles. Her 1981 London birth and British and Israeli origins provide a fascinating story. Norma became famous after marrying Tyrese Gibson, an actor and R&B singer.

Norma’s life became public during her legal fights with Tyrese over child support and custody, despite her anonymity. Court filings show that her unusual parenting style upset social conventions and generated conversations about family obligations.

Her marriages and legal battles illuminate the complexities of human relationships, whose ups and downs connect with many. The custody struggles with Tyrese, especially over Shayla, illustrate the emotional and legal challenges of high-profile divorces.

While Norma Gibson’s current life and financial worth are unknown, her biography illustrates the complexities of personal and public life. Norma’s experiences after she leaves the spotlight contribute to the story of blended families, personal growth, and the lasting impact of human choices.

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