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Who Is Liam Costner?

In addition to being the stepson of American billionaire business mogul William Koch, Liam Costner, 27, is the son of famed American actor Kevin Costner. Liam was nurtured in an affluent environment from the moment he was born thanks to the fame of his well-known father.

Despite his parents’ separation, Liam was reared in a privileged household owing to his wealthy stepfather. Despite a significant age difference between his mother and stepfather, their enduring relationship proves that love knows no age boundaries.

Unlike many celebrity offspring who bask in the limelight, Liam Costner prefers to keep his personal life out of the public eye. Regarding certain elements of his life, he wishes to keep a certain amount of seclusion.

His parents’ divorce when he was relatively young had a lasting impression on Liam’s youth. He has six step brothers, three older and three younger, making up a large family. When Liam was barely a child, his biological father, Kevin Costner, parted ways with him. When Kevin was dating Bridget, a relationship that didn’t go well and finally ended, Liam was born.

Liam was pleased to become an American citizen after being born there. Additionally, he has two uncles who are both his father’s brothers. Kevin Costner had a previous marriage, which means Liam has three stepbrothers from that union. Liam has a large extended family that includes uncles, aunts, and half-brothers in total. Without any siblings of his own, he is the only kid of his parents as a pair.

Despite people’s expectations or assumptions that he’d follow in his father’s footsteps into Hollywood, Liam Costner has chosen a different path. He’s reportedly engaged in the real estate business, dealing with the buying and selling of properties instead, carving his own niche in the world of business.

Liam Costner Bio

Liam Timothy Costner, born on November 15, 1996, is now 27 years old as of 2023. Although the exact location of his birth remains undisclosed, Liam’s American nationality ties him to the United States.

While details about Liam Costner’s educational background are somewhat elusive, it is known that he attended a prestigious university. The specific institution and field of study, however, have not been publicly disclosed. This implies that Liam has invested in higher education, suggesting a solid academic foundation that could pave the way for diverse opportunities in his chosen career path.


Full NameLiam Timothy Costner
Date of BirthNovember 15, 1996
Age (as of 2023)27
BirthplaceThe United States of America
Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight62 kg
Zodiac SignScorpio
Net Worth$1 million (approx.)
ParentsKevin Costner
Bridget Rooney
StepfatherBill William Koch
SiblingsAnnie, Joe, Lily, Joseph, Cayden, Hayes, Grace Costner
CareerReal estate agent

Liam Costner Age

Liam Costner’s birthdate falls on November 15, 1996, which makes him 27 years old as of 2023.

Liam Costner Career

Liam Costner has charted a distinct course in his career, steering clear of the entertainment industry that has garnered fame for his father and some of his siblings. Instead, he’s chosen to dive into the world of real estate, working as an agent with the Northern Palm Beach County realtor, Frankel Bell Group. His specialization? Luxury properties. Liam’s made quite a name for himself by sealing deals on several multimillion-dollar homes in the beautiful state of Florida.

In terms of financial backing, Liam has inherited a significant fortune, thanks to both his father and stepfather. According to Celebrity Net Worth, his father Kevin Costner has $800 million in 2023. Kevin became rich by acting, directing, producing, and singing.

Kevin Costner’s films include “Dances with Wolves,” “The Bodyguard,” “The Untouchables,” “JFK,” “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves,” “Waterworld,” “The Postman,” “Tin Cup,” “Field of Dreams,” “Hidden Figures,” “Molly’s Game,” “”Let Him Go,” “Yellowstone,” and “The Highwaymen.” His impact on the entertainment industry is undeniable, but Liam has chosen to make his mark elsewhere.

Liam Costner Parents

Liam Costner, born as Liam Timothy Costner, is the offspring of Kevin Costner and Bridget Rooney. His parents never tied the knot and had a brief fling back in 1995, following Kevin’s divorce from his first wife, Cindy Silva. Interestingly, Kevin initially did not acknowledge Liam as his own until a paternity test confirmed their biological connection. After that, he went ahead and set up a trust fund for Liam while also contributing child support.

Liam’s upbringing primarily revolved around his mother and stepfather, Bill Koch, a billionaire magnate and avid collector who entered into wedlock with Rooney in 2005. It’s worth noting that Bill Koch is the sibling of Charles and David Koch, the notable figures behind Koch Industries. In light of this, Liam adopted both his mother’s and stepfather’s surnames and is recognized as Liam Rooney Koch.

Liam Costner Siblings

Liam shares a sibling bond with six half-siblings from his father’s side. From his former union with Cindy Silva, Kevin has three older half-siblings: Joe (born in 1988), Lily (1986), and Annie (1984). His three younger half-siblings, Cayden, Hayes, and Grace, were also born during Kevin’s second marriage to Christine Baumgartner.

Liam and his siblings have a good bond and often get together for family events. He actively participates in his father’s great profession in addition to supporting it. Liam has been seen accompanying his father to various movie premieres and award shows, standing by his side as a show of support.

Liam Costner Height & Weight

Liam stands at a respectable height of 5 feet and 8 inches, which is quite decent. His weight hovers around 62 kg, and he maintains a well-built, muscular physique. With striking blue eyes and brunette hair, he possesses a captivating and attractive appearance, undoubtedly inheriting some of those good looks from his actor and model parents. All in all, Liam carries himself with a charming and appealing personality, reflecting his family’s legacy in the world of entertainment and fashion.

Liam Costner Relationship

As of right now, Liam Costner is dating exclusively on his own and has kept his love life out of the spotlight. When it comes to matters of the heart, he is a rather private person, therefore you won’t find him posting many details about his love preferences or dating experiences on social media.

Liam, who goes by the name @liamcostner on Instagram, may be seen regularly interacting with his followers there if you’re interested in getting a look into his life. You may see a selection of pictures of his family, friends, furry buddies, travel experiences, and more on his page. To keep things organized, he even employs the hashtag #liamcostner on some of his posts. With over 10,000 followers, he’s certainly built a bit of an online community.

Speaking of furry companions, Liam’s love extends to his two adorable dogs, Lola and Lila. He frequently blesses his Instagram feed with heartwarming pictures of his four-legged pals, showcasing his passion for animals and sharing those precious moments with his followers.


The ongoing divorce battle between Hollywood star Kevin Costner and his estranged wife, Christine Baumgartner, has taken a bitter and contentious turn. The bone of contention revolves around their marital home, with both parties at odds over who should remain there.

Kevin Costner, well-known for his parts in classic movies like “Yellowstone” and “Field of Dreams,” maintains his right to ask Baumgartner and their three kids to leave the home. Their prenuptial agreement’s clause stating that she had 30 days to depart after initiating divorce proceedings serves as the foundation for his claim.

Baumgartner’s counsel contends that the law does not support Costner’s move on the opposite side of the courtroom. They contend that removing the children from their lone familiar residence—their only home they have ever known—would be unfair and harmful.

The legal representative also accuses Costner of leveraging his wealth and influence to coerce Baumgartner into accepting his financial terms, seemingly disregarding her contributions to their marriage and family life. The couple, who tied the knot in 2004, share three children: Cayden, aged 16, Hayes, aged 14, and Grace, aged 13. Notably, Costner also has four older children from previous relationships, further adding complexity to the situation.

Liam Costner Net Worth

As of 2023, Liam Costner’s estimated net worth stands at approximately $1 million. This financial footing allows him to indulge in a luxurious lifestyle and explore the globe through his travels.

In sharp contrast, his stepfather Bill Koch has a far higher net worth, which Forbes estimated to be $1.8 billion in the same year. Activated carbon products, natural gas liquids, gasification products, ethanol products, asphalt products, fertilizers, and more are among the numerous products that Bill is renowned for producing and marketing as the founder and president of Oxbow Carbon LLC. His enormous corporate empire has contributed significantly to his astounding wealth accumulation.

Last Words

“Let Him Go,” “Yellowstone,” and “The Highwaymen.” His impact on the entertainment industry is undeniable, but Liam has chosen to make his mark elsewhere. Known American actor Kevin Costner and Bridget Rooney’s son, he is 27 years old. Despite his parents’ divorce and family issues, Liam wants to sell luxury properties in Florida. He often publishes photos of his family, pets, and two dogs, Lola and Lila, on Instagram, one of his most popular social media channels. He is quite discreet about his personal life.

Bill Koch, Liam’s father and stepfather, provided him with significant financial assistance, but as of 2023, his net worth is only expected to be about $1 million. This contrasts with his dad Bill Koch’s enormous fortune, who is reported to be worth $1.8 billion thanks in major part to his participation in several sectors, notably Oxbow Carbon LLC.

Liam’s choice to work in a field unrelated to entertainment shows how eager he is to create his own identity and legacy. Despite the enormous renown and fortune that surrounds his family, his narrative is a tribute to his will to succeed in a world of his own creation.

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